About the Breed

How many colors can the Shih Tzu come in?

A picture of 9 Shih Tzu dogs in different color coats



Basset Hounds have a hard time swimming because they...

A teal-blue body of water

What type of ears do Chinooks have?

The top half of a tan dog with one ear hanging to the side and the other standing straight up

The harlequin color pattern is often seen in what dog breed?

Close up of a black, white and gray color pattern in a dog


What does the word “Basset” mean in French?
Head shot drawing of a tricolor hound dog with very long ears, droopy eyes and a big black nose with a blue background

What is France’s official dog?

The Eiffel Tower in Paris France

The Bernese Mountain Dog was bred to do draft work, pulling carts to market. What is the highest amount of weight they have been known to pull?

A large breed, tricolor dog standing up with her pink tongue showing looking happy

During World War I what country had about 450 Alaskan Malamutes shipped to them to help transport supplies to troops?

A drawing of the head of a brown and white Alaskan Malamute dog with small ears that stand up and a pink tongue showing

If the Bernese Mountain Dog does something that makes their owner laugh, they will most likely do it again.

A large breed, tricolor black, tan and white dog laying upside down being silly

The Welsh Corgi dog breed is known to be on the list of the top 15 smartest dogs.

A black graduation hat with the tassel off to the left side