About the Breed


About the Breed

Which breed of dog is commonly stereotyped to be a firehouse dog?

A shiny red fire hydrant with black valves sticking out of the white snow next to a blacktop parking lot

How fast can a Greyhound run?

A drawing of a gray Greyhound dog running

Which one of these breeds is extinct?

A cemetery with grave stones surrounded by a stone wall

Which two dog breeds make up the mix breed dog that is often called the Chiweenie?

A small breed tan dog with huge perk ears and a long tail sitting down on a tan carpet

Which of the following dog breeds shed the least?

The back side of a thick coated gray and black dog with clumps of hair coming out of him

This dog has six toes on each foot.

The underside of a tan dog's paw that has six toes

English Bulldogs have a hard time swimming because their heads are too big.

A view of a body of water taken from the edge of the beach

Which breed often has a black tongue?

When did the first Shiba Inu arrive in the United States?
A black, tan and white dog with prick ears and a tightly curled tail standing outside in grass

This is a picture of a purebred