About the Breed


About the Breed

What two purebreds make up the mix breed often called an Irish Doodle?

Head shot of a brown dog with a thick wavy coat, black nose and black eyes


What is the number one companion dog in Japan?

A map of Japan

How many colors can the Shih Tzu come in?

A picture of 9 Shih Tzu dogs in different color coats



What kind of ears do Basset Hounds have?

Head shot of a brown and white dog with very long ears that hang down to the sides

The German word "Dachshund" translates to...

A brown long bodied, short legged brown dog with long ears that hang to the sides laying down

Golden Retrievers have webbed toes.

A drawing of a tan dog paw with webbed feet

A Poodle’s hair never stops growing

Front view of a white large poodle sitting down

If the Bernese Mountain Dog does something that makes their owner laugh, they will most likely do it again.

A large breed, tricolor black, tan and white dog laying upside down being silly

When did the first Shiba Inu arrive in the United States?
A black, tan and white dog with prick ears and a tightly curled tail standing outside in grass

How many different dog breeds have been linked to congenital deafness?

A brown dog with prick ears that stand up with an X next to the left ear and waves of sound lines near the right ear indicating sound