About the Breed

Huskies are part wolf

A drawing of a half husky and half wolf face

What kind of ears do Greyhounds have?

Head shot of a white dog with a long thin muzzle, small almond shaped eyes, a black nose and ears that stick out to the sides

Where is the Australian Shepherd originally from?

A merle colored black, tan and white dog with a thick coat and small fold over ears standing

A topknot is tuft of hair on the top of the dog’s head. Which breed is known for having a topknot?

A drawing of the top of a dogs head with ears on each side and a purple bow between them holding a clump of hair

Which breed of dog is commonly stereotyped to be a firehouse dog?

A shiny red fire hydrant with black valves sticking out of the white snow next to a blacktop parking lot

What is France’s official dog?

The Eiffel Tower in Paris France

What were Great Danes originally bred for?
A tall tan dog with a white spot on her chest and long fold over ears that hang to the sides sitting down
The average dog has 42 teeth. How many teeth does the Chow Chow have?
A big fluffy brown and tan dog with a black tongue and massive fluffy hair with a curl tail standing and facing the left

Which of the following dog breeds shed the least?

The back side of a thick coated gray and black dog with clumps of hair coming out of him

Which breed is the heaviest, weighing around 200 pounds?

A barbell with 200 pound weights on each end