About the Breed


About the Breed

Which type of dog is not a purebred?

A brown loaf of bread that has not been sliced

English Bulldogs have a hard time swimming because their heads are too big.

A view of a body of water taken from the edge of the beach

Why do Siberian Husky's noses become dry at night?

A half moon in the dark sky surrounded by stars

Golden Retrievers have webbed toes.

A drawing of a tan dog paw with webbed feet

Which one of these breeds is extinct?

A red circle with a red line through it

The Bernese Mountain Dog was bred to do draft work, pulling carts to market. What is the highest amount of weight they have been known to pull?

A large breed, tricolor dog standing up with her pink tongue showing looking happy

What is the name of the genetically abnormal bone and cartilage growth that all Basset Hounds are born with?
A drawing of a droopy, sleepy looking Basset Hound with a big black nose and long ears sleeping with his head between his front paws

Which dog breed is born with a soft spot on their skull, just like human babies?

An infant baby wrapped in a purple blanket wearing a purple hat

Tricolor is a coat of three distinct colors, usually black, white and tan. Which breed is never tricolor?

Close up of the back of a white, tan and black dog

What kind of ears do the Welsh Corgi have?

The head and ears of a tan and white welsh corgi dog