About the Breed

Achondroplasia is a common form of dwarfism found in dogs. Which dog breed commonly has Achondroplasia?

A blue medical kit with a paw print on the front if it


What is a group of Pugs called?
Six Pug dogs with black faces and tan bodies all sitting down in a group

The Vizsla was originally bred for what purpose?

A large breed orange dog with long legs and a long tail laying down

How do Welsh Corgis stay warm in the winter?

A view of the snowy woods looking towards a body of water behind the tree line


On average, what is the tallest dog breed?

Five Corgi dogs on various steps of a ladder

The harlequin color pattern is often seen in what dog breed?

Close up of a black, white and gray color pattern in a dog


Which dog breed is born with a soft spot on their skull, just like human babies?

An infant baby wrapped in a purple blanket wearing a purple hat

Which of the following is not a mix breed dog?

Drawing of a Dachshund dog with the words Purebred and question marks over top of it

When did the Chesapeake Bay Retriever get its official name?
An orangish, brown, large breed dog with long hanging ears, a big muzzle, a brown nose and big paws sitting down
What does the word “Basset” mean in French?
Head shot drawing of a tricolor hound dog with very long ears, droopy eyes and a big black nose with a blue background