About the Breed


About the Breed

Which breed of dog is commonly stereotyped to be a firehouse dog?

A shiny red fire hydrant with black valves sticking out of the white snow next to a blacktop parking lot

Where did the Irish Doodle originate from?

A thick coated tan dog laying down

Which two dog breeds make up the mix that is often called the Goldendoodle?

A copper brown curly, wavy, thick coated large breed dog with a black nose and dark eyes sitting down in grass

What country are Bernese Mountain Dogs from?

A fluffy, tricolor puppy sitting down

What is the official breed of the United States of America?
A drawing of a blue map of the United States of America with a white silhouette of a dog on top of it and a blue question mark on the dog
What was the original breed name of the Yorkshire Terrier in England?
A little brown dog with a thick coat, black nose and dark eyes and ears that stand up to a point sitting down

On average, how far does a Husky's howl travel?

Side view head shot of a gray and white husky dog

What is a group of Pugs called?
Six Pug dogs with black faces and tan bodies all sitting down in a group

Which dog breed often has a black tongue?

A close up of a gray dog with a black tongue hanging out

The Golden Retriever breed is from France

An aerial view of Paris, France