About the Dog

What is the average litter size for a dog?

A tan, shorthaired whippet type dog with ears that fold out and down with milk filled belly standing

In what city have many stray dogs learned to ride the subway to find food?

The door of a gray subway train

Dogs can see objects better when they are moving.

A tan deer with white spots running across a grassy field in front of a tree line

Which country has the highest dog population in the world?

A global map of the world

What does the color purple look like to a dog?

A scale of different shades of the color purple

Generally, what size dogs live the longest?

Three Shiba Inu dogs lined up from smallest to largest

Dogs can hear

Front view of a white and black Boston Terrier dog with perk ears and lines coming from the right ear indicating sound

Dogs are colorblind.

A black and white image of a flower

In the dog world, a stand-off coat is

Coats hanging on a rack outside of a thrift store

The saddle coat pattern means

A white coat with horse saddles all over it