About the Dog

Dogs have sweat glands

A gray with white American Bully dog wearing a hot pink collar licking her nose with her tongue

In what city have many stray dogs learned to ride the subway to find food?

The door of a gray subway train

How many knees do dogs have?

A drawing of two bones at the knee joint

Why do dogs curl up in a ball when they sleep?

A tan and white dog that looks like a fox curled up in a ball sleeping

Dogs are colorblind.

A black and white image of a flower

Humans have about 9,000 taste buds. How many taste buds do dogs have?

Head shot of a happy tan dog with a large nose, ears that hang to the sides and a pink tongue hanging out



On average, how much sleep does a dog need?

A drawing of a crescent moon with stars

What law is still true in Anchorage, Alaska USA?

A map of Alaska

Dogs often bark at vacuums because

As dogs age their ability to hear higher pitched sounds begins to decrease.

A small brown dog with very large ears laying on her back with her paws behind each ear like she is listening