About the Dog

When do dogs dream the most?

A tan dog with brown patches sleeping curled up on the floor


How many knees do dogs have?

A drawing of two bones at the knee joint

Dogs can hear

Front view of a white and black Boston Terrier dog with perk ears and lines coming from the right ear indicating sound

When dogs appear to be “smiling” they are…

A little tan dog showing her teeth like she is posing

How many times are dogs mentioned in the bible?

A brown bible with a white cross on the front

Long fringe on a dog’s tail is called

A drawing of the back of a brown dog showing the leg and the long tail with long hair coming from the tail

What does a dog use its whiskers for?

A cartoon drawing of a brown dog with a white blaze and a blue background showing the dogs whiskers

When a dog is roan it is

Four color patterns squared together in a larger square

Dogs have sweat glands

A gray with white American Bully dog wearing a hot pink collar licking her nose with her tongue

Dogs have no sense of time

A drawing of a clock with the hands at 2 O'clock with bones, leashes, a full food dish and dog beds as the clock numbers