About the Dog

Yawning is contagious for both humans and dogs.

A tan Bulldog yawning

Dogs can smell when you are...

Close up of a tan dog with brown ears and a big black nose with dark eyes

On average, about how many muscles do dogs have in each ear?

A drawing of the top of a gray dog's head with rose ears on each side

Which is a law in Little Rock, Arkansas?

A purple map of Arkansas

About how many words can the most intelligent dogs learn?

Words typed in different fonts on a gray background

People who own dogs typically

A drawing of a brown dog with long hanging ears smiling with a lot of white teeth showing with a big black nose and squinty eyes

The average dog is about as smart as a

Head shot of a brown brindle boxer dog sitting down inside of a living room wearing reading glasses

Unlike the animals who can sense what others are feeling, dogs do not have this ability to read the energy of the universal animal language

A gray brindle with white pit bull puppy looking at a fluffy orange cat outside on a dog bed

Why do most dogs not like the rain?

Blue raindrops falling

About what age are puppies fully grown?

A droopy brown bloodhound dog with long ears that hang past her neck and a lot of extra skin sitting down