About the Dog

How many times are dogs mentioned in the bible?

A brown bible with a white cross on the front

Dogs often bark at vacuums because

The merle color pattern is a mottled, marbled effect (usually red or black, sometimes blue). The merle gene is known to cause a number of health problems.

Side view of a medium-sized gray and black patterned terrier dog wearing a red collar standing in grass

The term ticked is

A brown and black tick bug next to a check box with a check in it

An indication that a dog is happy is when their tail…

The back end of a large breed tan and brown dog with long legs and a long tail that is being held low


Why do most dogs not like the rain?

Blue raindrops falling

On average, how much sleep does a dog need?

A drawing of a crescent moon with stars

Humans can see better in the dark than dogs.

The sun setting over a river surrounded by trees

Dogs can see things close up better than a human can.

Front view drawing of a brown dog with very short legs wearing glasses sitting down

What does a dog use its whiskers for?

A cartoon drawing of a brown dog with a white blaze and a blue background showing the dogs whiskers