About the Dog


About the Dog

What dog breed is the fastest runner?

A blue shadow of a dog running to the right

About what percent of people buy their dogs presents for the holidays?

A decorated Christmas tree with wrapped blue presents under it

When do dogs dream the most?

A tan dog with brown patches sleeping curled up on the floor


What kind of ears are pictured

A gray dog's forehead with two small perk ears sticking up and grass in the background

Humans have about 5 million scent glands. About how much better is a dog’s sense of smell than a humans?

What does the color red look like to a dog?

Four different color apples lined up in each corner of a square, purple, blue, gray and green

The saddle coat pattern means

A white coat with horse saddles all over it

How many elbows do dogs have?

A drawing of two bones making the elbow of a dog's joint

Roughly how many dogs are born per day in the world?

The head of a Pug dog with a pattern of the blue and green world across her face

A dog with a corded coat has the appearance of long dreadlocks all over the dog’s body. Dogs with corded coats are born that way.