About the Dog

On average, how often should you cut a dog’s toenails?

The paw of a gray and white dog showing his short toenails

In Galesburg, Illinois, it is illegal to…

A map of Illinois with the city of Galesburg marked off

Why do dogs curl up in a ball when they sleep?

A tan and white dog that looks like a fox curled up in a ball sleeping

In one year, about how many puppies are born in the United States?

A map of the United States with little brown puppies all over it

Humans have 32 permanent adult teeth. How many teeth does an adult dog have?

A cartoon graphic of a tan dog with big teeth and a big black nose, dark eyes and small ears

In the dog world a double coat refers to

A rack of worm coats hanging up at a store

Humans have 6 muscles in their ears. Dogs have

View from the top looking down at a gray pit bull dog with ears that stick out to the sides standing outside on a wooden deck

What does the color purple look like to a dog?

A scale of different shades of the color purple

What does a dog use its whiskers for?

A cartoon drawing of a brown dog with a white blaze and a blue background showing the dogs whiskers

On average, about how many muscles do dogs have in each ear?

A drawing of the top of a gray dog's head with rose ears on each side