About the Dog


About the Dog

Dogs are not color blind, but rather see in a shade spectrum of

A boat out on the water with the image divided up into shades of blue, tan, purple, green and red

Dogs can hear higher pitched sounds than humans cannot hear

A little tan dog with brown patches sitting down with tear drop shapes near the right ear indicating sound

Which is illegal in Chicago, Illinois USA?

A map of the state of Illinois with Chicago marked


How many elbows do dogs have?

A drawing of two bones making the elbow of a dog's joint

A dog’s sweat glands are…

Drops of light blue water representing sweat

A dog interprets the world predominantly by

A blue brindle dog looking over at kids at a skate park

In the dog world a double coat refers to

A rack of worm coats hanging up at a store

Dogs can smell when you are...

Close up of a tan dog with brown ears and a big black nose with dark eyes

Which term means a coat with two distinct colors?

A drawing of a blue and a brown coat made for humans

The color pattern "domino" on a dog refers to

A drawing of three white domino pieces with black dots on them