About the Breed

Out of the following, which dog breed is known to be the smartest?

Three hard cover books in a pile, blue, green and baby blue in color


A Poodle’s hair never stops growing

Front view of a white large poodle sitting down

How fast can a Greyhound run?

A drawing of a gray Greyhound dog running

What is the average life span of Bernese Mountain Dog?

A huge, thick coated tricolor, brown, black and white dog sitting down with one paw up in the air

Famous Dogs

What breed of dog was Fred from the 1977 movie Smokey and the Bandit?

Two slot cars, a black Pontiac Trans AM and a black tractor trailer painted like the movie truck


The first Hollywood dog star was named

A little white dog sitting down with a pair of red sunglasses next to his front paw


Why are toy breeds harder to housebreak?

Picture Quiz - I am a

I am a...

I am a...

About the Dog

What is the top health problem among dogs?

A brown paw print with a life line going through the middle of it