About the Breed

“King of Terriers” is a common nickname for what dog breed?
A drawing of a gold, red and blue king's crown
What animal was the Basset Hound bred to hunt?
A drawing of a rabbit, boar, deer and a duck flying in the air

Basset Hounds were meant to hunt in pairs.

Two tricolor, tan, brown and white dogs with long ears that hang to the sides, droopy faces, extra skin and short legs sitting down side by side

Famous Dogs

What was the name of the first dog to travel to space?

A gray and white dog looking out the window of a purple rocket ship that is flying into space

Why was a Great Dane named Just Nuisance enlisted in the Royal Navy?

A drawing of the head of a tan Great Dane dog wearing a white Navy hat

About the Dog

The term parti-colored means variegated patches of two or more colors. The parti-colored gene is known to cause a number of health problems.

A large breed gray and white standard poodle with his paw in the air sitting down outside

Picture Quiz - I am a

I am a...

View from above looking down on a long, thick coated white with tan dog licking the side of her snout sitting down

I am a…      

Front view of a short haired tan dog with a white chest and a black pushed back snout and black hanging ears with extra skin and wrinkles around her face with brown eyes sitting down looking to the left

I am a...

A black and tan dog with large, wide hanging ears, a black nose and round eyes sitting down

Dog History

In what year was the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) founded?

A red map of Canada