Dog Trivia



It is said that a lot of dog’s paws smell like…

A drawing of bacon, swiss cheese, peppermint candy, artichoke and chicken nuggets



About the Dog

How fast is a dog’s heartbeat?

A drawing of the human heart

Dogs often bark at vacuums because

Famous Dogs

Which dog breed was the co-mayor of Concord, Ontario?
A brown and tan dog with prick ears wearing a satchel that says Mayor and a little black top hat on her head

About the Breed

What does “Corgi” mean in Welsh?

Front view drawing of a tan and white dog with very large prick ears sitting down

Great Pyrenees were bred to be...
A drawing of a large, thick coated white dog standing up


Puppies are born with their eyes open

A drawing of a small brown puppy with a tan patch around one eye and at the tip of her tail curled up in a purple dog bed

Picture Quiz - I am a

I am a...

A large breed tan dog with a wide chest, long tail, ears that stick out to the sides, dark eyes and a black nose sitting down

I am a...

A small, long coated black and tan dog with dark round eyes and ears that hang down to the sides standing outside

I am a...

Front view of a small, but thick bodied dog with a round head and a thick coat, a pushed back face with small squinty eyes laying down in grass