Dog Trivia


Famous Dogs

What is the name of the mascot dog on the front of the caramel popcorn Cracker Jack box?

A red box with a black dog and the words POP on the front with popcorn laying in front of the box


Which dog breed was the co-mayor of Concord, Ontario?
A brown and tan dog with prick ears wearing a satchel that says Mayor and a little black top hat on her head

Benji is a fictional character created by Joe Camp. Benji has been the focus of several movies starting in 1974 with the newest release on March 16th 2018 by Netflix. What breed of dog was Benji?

A drawing of a black thick coated, long haired dog sitting down on a sidewalk with question marks above his head with green grass on each side


About the Dog

Humans have about 5 million scent glands. About how much better is a dog’s sense of smell than a humans?

Picture Quiz - I am a

I am a...

A small toy-sized long haired tan and black dog with perk ears, round eyes, a small muzzle and a black nose laying down on a person's yellow bed


Puppies are born deaf

A drawing of a gray puppy with a white blaze and white tipped paws laying down wearing headphones

About the Breed

A feathered coat is when the dog has long hair on the ears, backs of legs and beneath the tail. Which breed is known for its beautiful feathered coat?

A light blue winter coat with feather patterns all over it

What kind of ears does this Jack Russell Terrier have?

Head shot drawing of a brown and white Jack Russell Terrier dog

What is Massachusetts state dog?

A green map of Massachusetts

Which of these senses is the Weimaraner known to be the best at?

The face of a dog with a gray ear and gray nose with a 1 next to the ear, a 2 next to the eye and a 3 next to the nose