Picture Quiz - I am a

I am a...

I am a...

A small white dog with black and tan markings and a tail that curls up over her back walking

I am a...

Front view of a small, but thick bodied dog with a round head and a thick coat, a pushed back face with small squinty eyes laying down in grass

I am a...

A small white and orange dog with long hair on her tail and ears with her front paws on a sliding board out in the grass

About the Breed

Poodles can be…

A drawing of three different size poodle dogs standing next to one another

What two purebreds make up the mix breed often called an Irish Doodle?

Head shot of a brown dog with a thick wavy coat, black nose and black eyes


Famous Dogs

What breed of dog was the famous TV dog Lassie?

A drawing of an old brown tube TV with 1955 and a wagon wheel leaning against a bail of hay on the screen


Which food is harmful to a dog?

A drawing of a baked potato, avocado, popcorn, green beans and coconut shell

About the Dog

Humans can see better in the dark than dogs.

The sun setting over a river surrounded by trees

Long fringe on a dog’s tail is called

A drawing of the back of a brown dog showing the leg and the long tail with long hair coming from the tail