Famous Dogs

Why was a Great Dane named Just Nuisance enlisted in the Royal Navy?

A drawing of the head of a tan Great Dane dog wearing a white Navy hat

About the Dog

How many times are dogs mentioned in the bible?

A brown bible with a white cross on the front

The term ticked is

A brown and black tick bug next to a check box with a check in it

In Galesburg, Illinois, it is illegal to…

A map of Illinois with the city of Galesburg marked off

On average a dog’s vision is

Close up of a dog's brown eyes on a brown brindle boxer

About the Breed

Achondroplasia is a common form of dwarfism found in dogs. Which dog breed commonly has Achondroplasia?

A drawing of a little brown dog with short stubby legs and rose ears standing

Which brand of beer is associated with the English Bull Terrier?
A drawing of a tall glass of brown beer

What country did the Grand Anglo-Français Tricolore originate from?

A tricolor tan, brown and white hound dog with ears that hang to the sides and a long tail standing

Picture Quiz - Purebred Dogs

This is a picture of a purebred 

Side view of a shaggy, long coated tan dog with a black saddle and a long tail, long ears that hang to the sides standing in front of a trophy

This is a picture of a purebred 

A thick coated brown, tan and white dog with small fold over ears, a brown nose, brown eyes and a big pink tongue hanging out sitting down outside in dirt