Picture Quiz - I am a

I am a...

A little white and tan dog with a thick soft looking coat, small round dark eyes, a black nose and small perk ears laying down on a hardwood floor

I am a...

A medium sized, tan dog with a shaved body but longer hair on her long drop ears and long tail with a long muzzle, dark eyes and a black nose curled up laying down inside of a house

Picture Quiz - Mix Breed Dogs

This mixed breed dog is often called a

Front view of a small, thick coated black and white dog with black fluffy ears and dark eyes laying down with a white rope toy between her front legs

This mixed breed dog is often called a

Front view of a large breed, thick coated, black and white dog with small prick ears, a feathered tail that curls up over his back, a dark face, dark eyes and a black nose with a white tipped muzzle outside in dirt

Dog History

What were Dachshunds temporarily renamed during WWI?

A tan dog with a very long body, short legs and long ears standing

Picture Quiz - Purebred Dogs

This is a picture of a purebred 

Front side view of a large, thick coated gray and white wolf looking dog with perk ears and a big brown nose sitting down in grass looking to the right

This is a picture of a purebred

A tall, thick, muscular, large breed dog with extra skin and wrinkles and a very short gray coat with a white spot on her chest standing outside on a patch of sand surrounded by green grass

This is a picture of a puppy and an adult purebred  

About the Breed

A feathered coat is when the dog has long hair on the ears, backs of legs and beneath the tail. Which breed is known for its beautiful feathered coat?

A light blue winter coat with feather patterns all over it

What country did the Grand Anglo-Français Tricolore originate from?

A tricolor tan, brown and white hound dog with ears that hang to the sides and a long tail standing