Puppies are born with their eyes open

A drawing of a small brown puppy with a tan patch around one eye and at the tip of her tail curled up in a purple dog bed

How many months is a female dog pregnant before giving birth?

A Mini Fox Terrier laying on her side showing a big pregnant belly

What is the record for the largest litter of Chihuahua puppies?

A drawing of 15 tan Chihuahua puppies

How many hours a day do puppies usually sleep during a growth spurt?

A little gray puppy sleeping inside of a pink sleeping bag

Light colored puppies can sometimes be born...

A yellow Labrador Retriever puppy sitting down

Dogs can only become pregnant when they are in heat.

A tan pregnant dog with a big belly standing up

Puppies are born deaf. At what age do they begin to hear?

A small gray, thick coated dog with fluffy drop ears sitting down with music notes behind her on top of a blue background

Most mother dogs stop taking care of their puppies by the age of


At what age do puppies first begin to explore their surroundings?

In the first 20 days of a puppy’s life it’s mental capacity is