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A large breed, tan Bloodhound/Black Labrador/German Shepherd mix is sitting in a room in front of a Boxer. They both are looking forward. There is a plastic white basket full of wires to the left of the dogs.

"This is a picture of my dog Roxxianne and her friend (that you can barely see) the Boxer Maggie. Roxxianne is a great dog. She has the best temperament. She is a complete and total couch potato! And I love her. She is a Bloodhound / Black Lab / German Shepherdmix. I saved her off of the streets when she was about 3 months old. I have loved her ever since. Roxxi can be an active dog. She loves to be around people. She isn't aggressive at all, unless you try to break in. She was a life saver when she was about 1 year old. I was falling off of a rail on a swing set and I screamed, then I saw her running out of the house and into my backyard. She then saw me as I was struggling to hang on and she ran into the house, grabbed my mom’s shirt and pulled her out and then all was good."

View from the front - A white with tan Cardigan Corgi/Pitbull mix is laying on a carpet and looking up. Its mouth is open and its tail is wagging and he looks to be in mid-bark.

"I took this picture of Outlaw, a Cardigan Corgi / Pitbull mix, days after rescuing him from the Eastern Shore Animal Rescue League, almost 2 years ago. He is a handful, but a very loving dog. He gets along extremely well with my 2-year-old female Pit Bull Shelby. Shelby the Pitbull is 90 lbs.; Outlaw is now 40 lbs. and is the alpha dog."

Side view - A black with tan and white Cocker Spaniel/Blue Heeler is standing in grass and it is looking towards the camera.

"Sammy is half Cocker Spaniel and half Blue Heeler. He is 7 years old in the photos. Sammy is a great dog, about 12 inches tall. He is small enough to be in the house or car and big enough to catch a flying Frisbee and cause intruders to be cautious. He always lets us know when people or other animals come on the yard but he never bites or gets mean. He loves to be a part of everything we do and never has run away from home, even when he is outside without a fence or being tied up."

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