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View from the front - A red with white mixed breed puppy is being held up on its hind legs by a person holding the dog.

Olaf the 4-month-old puppy was rescued from Rosarito, Mexico. His breed mix is unknown.

A red with white Boxer/Pug/Pitbull mix puppy is wearing a red collar sitting on a wooden porch and it is looking up and to the left.

Kada the Boxer, Pug, Pit Bull mix as a puppy at 6 months old—"Many locals here have dogs that are bred or even accidentally bred. I joined a local Facebook page and checked out many that had litters to give out and asked for a specific type of personality they thought would be calmer and not want to eat my 3 cats. A lady came forward and gave me Kada, she is so beautiful and sweet and at 6 months old weighs about 45 lbs. Loves other animals, calm, smart and was very easy to house train. She is going to be bigger of course, but not sure how big. She is supposed to have been born from a pedigree Boxer female and the sire was Pit Bull and Pug mix. Amazing."

Right Profile - A medium haired, black with tan and white Australian Shepherd/Rottweiler/Border Terrier mix breed dpg is standing in grass and it is looking to the right of its body. Its head is tilted to the right and it has longer hair on its tail, belly legs, neck and ears.

Mac the DNA tested Australian Shepherd, Rottweiler, Border Terrier mix. The percentages of the breeds came back as 37% to 74% Australian Shepherd, 20% to 36% Rottweiler and 10% to 20% Border Terrier. "I was told he was Rottweiler and German Shepherd, but when the spots started showing on his feet, and he “pace” trotted, I started researching further. I discovered he definitely resembled the Australian Shepherd (which I actually prefer over the German Shepherd!)"

Left Profile - A black, tan and white Australian Shepherd/Rottweiler/Border Terrier mix is sitting in grass in front of a tree looking towards the camera.

"Mac is the smartest, most fun-loving, kind, playful animal I've ever known. He learns quickly, usually on three attempts. He loves to cuddle up but also likes his own space. He's so gentle with children even when herding them, they giggle with delight! Mac also loves to steal and bury things, like socks, so you can't leave anything lying around! Everything is a game of "chase" and "catch me if you can"! He absolutely LOVES to play "pull" and when I'm working on my computer in my comfy chair, I seem to end up with a lap full of every toy he has in his toy bin! Having a bit of Border Terrier in him, he’s quite the rabbit and mouse hunter. Mac has several “unlucky” rabbit’s feet to vouch for his skill! He’s quite tall and leggy, but at 16 months old, his chest and hips are filling out quite nicely! I just love this combination of breeds! A perfect companion, at any age!"

A lady with short red hair is standing behind a black, tan and white Australian Shepherd/Rottweiler/Border Terrier mix. Her chin is on the back of the dogs head and her arms are over the side of the dog.

Mac and his proud owner

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