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Pictures of Mixed-Breed Dogs

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A little tan dog with prick ears that stand up with dark almond shaped eyes sitting down in front of yellow flowers outside

"This is Zeke. Who I got for free. His father was a German Shepherd / Pomeranian cross. His mother was a Chihuahua / Jack Russell cross. He has standing ears, the absolute softest undercoat with a sturdier outer coat. He is super fast and loves to chase rabbits but he also is very protective of my children in the yard. I no longer worry about snakes. He is a small dog, about 10 lbs at most, but he doesn't know he is small. This photo was taken at 6 months. His personality is exactly what I would want for my family."

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Other Names
  • All American
  • Cross Breed
  • Heinz 57
  • Mix
  • Mixed Breed
  • Mutt
  • Mix Breed
  • Pariah dog
  • Rez dog
  • Tyke