About the Breed

On average, how far does a Husky's howl travel?

Side view head shot of a gray and white husky dog

Which brand of beer is associated with the English Bull Terrier?
A drawing of a tall glass of brown beer

Which dog breed does not bark, but rather makes a yodel noise?

Drawing of a dog out on a ledge singing to the large moon in the distance

In some Welsh legend folklore stories, what characters are known to ride on the backs of Corgi’s?

A little tan and white Corgi dog with large prick ears sitting in the middle of a dark wooded forest

What group does the Grand Anglo-Français dog belong to?

Head and neck shot of a brown hound dog with long soft ears and a big black nose with a white muzzle and chest

The average dog has 42 teeth. How many teeth does the Chow Chow have?
A big fluffy brown and tan dog with a black tongue and massive fluffy hair with a curl tail standing and facing the left

What is a Snow nose, commonly found among Huskies?

A drawing of a white dog nose with snowflakes on it

What was the Telomian dog breed originally bred for?

A brown and white dog with large prick ears and a long brown tail standing up


When was the Carolina Dog discovered?

A tan dog with a short coat and large prick ears laying down

The Maltese was known to be popular among what ancient civilization?

A drawing of a fluffy little white dog standing up