About the Breed

What group does the Grand Anglo-Français dog belong to?

Head and neck shot of a brown hound dog with long soft ears and a big black nose with a white muzzle and chest

Which two dog breeds make up the mix that is often called the Goldendoodle?

A copper brown curly, wavy, thick coated large breed dog with a black nose and dark eyes sitting down in grass

The average dog has 42 teeth. How many teeth does the Chow Chow have?
A big fluffy brown and tan dog with a black tongue and massive fluffy hair with a curl tail standing and facing the left

The harlequin color pattern is often seen in what dog breed?

Close up of a black, white and gray color pattern in a dog


Which dog breed does not bark?

A sound icon with a line through it indicating silence

What is the official breed of the United States of America?
A drawing of a blue map of the United States of America with a white silhouette of a dog on top of it and a blue question mark on the dog

The Vizsla was originally bred for what purpose?

A large breed orange dog with long legs and a long tail laying down

This dog has six toes on each foot.

The underside of a tan dog's paw that has six toes

In the American Pit Bull Terrier breed what does the term Blue Nose refer to?

A gray with white dog with a wide chest and big head sitting down looking up

Where did the Irish Doodle originate from?

A thick coated tan dog laying down