About the Breed

Which of the following breeds is the smallest?

Drawing of two small dogs side by side with side lines to measure them with a green background

What was the original breed name of the Yorkshire Terrier in England?
A little brown dog with a thick coat, black nose and dark eyes and ears that stand up to a point sitting down
What were Great Danes originally bred for?
A tall tan dog with a white spot on her chest and long fold over ears that hang to the sides sitting down

What is the number one companion dog in Japan?

A map of Japan

Where is the Labrador Retriever originally from?

Side view drawing of a yellow Labrador Retriever dog standing

How fast can a Greyhound run?

A drawing of a gray Greyhound dog running

The Maltese was known to be popular among what ancient civilization?

A drawing of a fluffy little white dog standing up

When did the first Shiba Inu arrive in the United States?
A black, tan and white dog with prick ears and a tightly curled tail standing outside in grass

What was the Telomian dog breed originally bred for?

A brown and white dog with large prick ears and a long brown tail standing up


When did the Chesapeake Bay Retriever get its official name?
An orangish, brown, large breed dog with long hanging ears, a big muzzle, a brown nose and big paws sitting down