About the Breed


About the Breed

How do Welsh Corgi dogs stay warm in the winter?

A snowman with a head of a Corgi dog and stick arms that are up in the air outside in snow with snow falling from the sky

The Bernese Mountain Dog was bred to do draft work, pulling carts to market. What is the highest amount of weight they have been known to pull?

A large breed, tricolor dog standing up with her pink tongue showing looking happy

Which two dog breeds make up the mix breed dog that is often called the Chiweenie?

A small breed tan dog with huge perk ears and a long tail sitting down on a tan carpet

How long does it take for the average Boxer to reach maturity?

Front view of a Boxer dog carrying a green rope ball toy looking playful

Out of the following, which dog breed is known to be the smartest?

Three hard cover books in a pile, blue, green and baby blue in color


The Vizsla was originally bred for what purpose?

A large breed orange dog with long legs and a long tail laying down

What group does the Grand Anglo-Français dog belong to?

Head and neck shot of a brown hound dog with long soft ears and a big black nose with a white muzzle and chest

Which type of dog is not a purebred?

A brown loaf of bread that has not been sliced

How do Welsh Corgis stay warm in the winter?

A view of the snowy woods looking towards a body of water behind the tree line


Which of the following small breeds is known as a hunting dog?

Dog paw print tracks in the snow