About the Breed


About the Breed

What country do Pit Bulls originate from?

A head shot drawing of a gray and white pit bull terrier dog


When a dog has a single coat it means the coat is one layer thick, lacking an undercoat. Which breed has a single coat?

A rack of rain type coats hanging up at a store

What is the name of the genetically abnormal bone and cartilage growth that all Basset Hounds are born with?
A drawing of a droopy, sleepy looking Basset Hound with a big black nose and long ears sleeping with his head between his front paws

How do Welsh Corgis stay warm in the winter?

A view of the snowy woods looking towards a body of water behind the tree line


Which one of these breeds is extinct?

A cemetery with grave stones surrounded by a stone wall

This dog has six toes on each foot.

The underside of a tan dog's paw that has six toes

The term sable means black tips on silver, gray, gold, fawn or brown hairs. Which breed never comes in a sable pattern?

Different color paint brush tips with black paint on top of them

Why do Siberian Husky's noses become dry at night?

A half moon in the dark sky surrounded by stars

Which of the following breeds is the smallest?

Drawing of two small dogs side by side with side lines to measure them with a green background

This is a picture of a purebred