About the Breed


About the Breed

The term sable means black tips on silver, gray, gold, fawn or brown hairs. Which breed never comes in a sable pattern?

Different color paint brush tips with black paint on top of them

How do Welsh Corgis stay warm in the winter?

A view of the snowy woods looking towards a body of water behind the tree line


Which breed of dog is commonly stereotyped to be a firehouse dog?

A shiny red fire hydrant with black valves sticking out of the white snow next to a blacktop parking lot

What kind of ears does this Jack Russell Terrier have?

Head shot drawing of a brown and white Jack Russell Terrier dog

What two purebreds make up the mix breed often called an Irish Doodle?

Head shot of a brown dog with a thick wavy coat, black nose and black eyes


What is the name of the genetically abnormal bone and cartilage growth that all Basset Hounds are born with?
A drawing of a droopy, sleepy looking Basset Hound with a big black nose and long ears sleeping with his head between his front paws

Which of the following dog breeds shed the least?

The back side of a thick coated gray and black dog with clumps of hair coming out of him

Do poodles have fur or hair?

A drawing of a thick coated gray poodle with balls of its coat groomed all over it

What does Beagle mean in French?

A tricolor, tan, black and white hound dog with long ears that hang to the sides laying down

How many Pomeranians did Queen Victoria of England own at one time?

A drawing of a fluffy brown dog with black eyes and a black nose wearing a tiara laying down