About the Breed

How long is the average Boxer’s snout?

A brown, tan and white boxer dog's head with dark brown eyes and a black nose

Out of the following, what is the most popular name for a Chihuahua?

A little tan dog with large prick ears sitting down

The German word "Dachshund" translates to...

A brown long bodied, short legged brown dog with long ears that hang to the sides laying down

What kind of ears do Basset Hounds have?

Head shot of a brown and white dog with very long ears that hang down to the sides

Dalmatian puppies are born with their spots.


What was the original breed name of the Yorkshire Terrier in England?
A little brown dog with a thick coat, black nose and dark eyes and ears that stand up to a point sitting down
“King of Terriers” is a common nickname for what dog breed?
A drawing of a gold, red and blue king's crown

Which breed has been known to stand temperatures as low as negative 70 degrees Fahrenheit?

A drawing of a thermostat indicating cold weather

When a dog has a single coat it means the coat is one layer thick, lacking an undercoat. Which breed has a single coat?

A rack of rain type coats hanging up at a store

How do Welsh Corgi dogs stay warm in the winter?

A snowman with a head of a Corgi dog and stick arms that are up in the air outside in snow with snow falling from the sky