About the Breed

What type of ears do Chinooks have?

The top half of a tan dog with one ear hanging to the side and the other standing straight up

The Welsh Corgi is closely related to what other dog breed?

Front view drawing of a tan and white short legged dog with large prick ears, a pink tongue and black nose looking happy

What is the official breed of the United States of America?
A drawing of a blue map of the United States of America with a white silhouette of a dog on top of it and a blue question mark on the dog

What is the smallest gun dog in the world? (meaning they hunt alongside humans)

A blue sky with birds flying in a triangle to the left


Which of the following dog breeds shed the least?

The back side of a thick coated gray and black dog with clumps of hair coming out of him

Great Pyrenees were bred to be...
A drawing of a large, thick coated white dog standing up

Dalmatian puppies are born with their spots.


Which dog breed did the ancient Aztecs worship?

A drawing of an ancient aztec symbol

What kind of ears do Basset Hounds have?

Head shot of a brown and white dog with very long ears that hang down to the sides

Achondroplasia is a common form of dwarfism found in dogs. Which dog breed commonly has Achondroplasia?

A drawing of a little brown dog with short stubby legs and rose ears standing