About the Dog


About the Dog

The saddle coat pattern means

A white coat with horse saddles all over it

About how many dogs are there in the world?

A drawing of the planet Earth

On average, how many bones do adult dogs have?

A drawing of a dog skeleton


Humans have about 5 million scent glands. About how much better is a dog’s sense of smell than a humans?

Old dogs can’t learn new tricks

A gray, blue-nose brindle large breed pit bull dog laying up-side-down, belly up on a driveway

Dogs have sweat glands

A gray with white American Bully dog wearing a hot pink collar licking her nose with her tongue

As dogs age their ability to hear higher pitched sounds begins to decrease.

A small brown dog with very large ears laying on her back with her paws behind each ear like she is listening

What does the color purple look like to a dog?

A scale of different shades of the color purple

An indication that a dog is happy is when their tail…

The back end of a large breed tan and brown dog with long legs and a long tail that is being held low


Humans have 6 muscles in their ears. Dogs have

View from the top looking down at a gray pit bull dog with ears that stick out to the sides standing outside on a wooden deck