About the Dog

When a dog is hound-colored it means they are black, tan and white with a black saddle. Which of the following breeds are often hound-colored?
Close up of a white, tan and black coat pattern on a dog

Dogs cannot see as well at a distance as a human.

A view across the railroad tracks that go over a river into the woods

Dogs can hear

Front view of a white and black Boston Terrier dog with perk ears and lines coming from the right ear indicating sound

What is a dog's average body temperature?

A drawing of a temperature thermometer

Which term means a coat with two distinct colors?

A drawing of a blue and a brown coat made for humans

Of the 12 dogs that were on the Titanic, how many survived?

An iceberg floating in a large body of water

Dogs do not see in the same color scale as humans. What color toy will show up best to a dog in the green grass?

Close up of green blades of grass

What does the color red look like to a dog?

Four different color apples lined up in each corner of a square, purple, blue, gray and green

On average, how much sleep does a dog need?

A drawing of a crescent moon with stars

Unlike the animals who can sense what others are feeling, dogs do not have this ability to read the energy of the universal animal language

A gray brindle with white pit bull puppy looking at a fluffy orange cat outside on a dog bed