About the Dog

How many elbows do dogs have?

A drawing of two bones making the elbow of a dog's joint

Which term means a coat with two distinct colors?

A drawing of a blue and a brown coat made for humans

Which is illegal in Chicago, Illinois USA?

A map of the state of Illinois with Chicago marked


What dog breed is the fastest runner?

A blue shadow of a dog running to the right

Dogs are not color blind, but rather see in a shade spectrum of

A boat out on the water with the image divided up into shades of blue, tan, purple, green and red

What kind of ears are pictured

A gray dog's forehead with two small perk ears sticking up and grass in the background

About what age are puppies fully grown?

A droopy brown bloodhound dog with long ears that hang past her neck and a lot of extra skin sitting down

When a dog is hound-colored it means they are black, tan and white with a black saddle. Which of the following breeds are often hound-colored?
Close up of a white, tan and black coat pattern on a dog

Which country has the highest dog population in the world?

A global map of the world

Generally, what size dogs live the longest?

Three Shiba Inu dogs lined up from smallest to largest