About the Dog

The color pattern "domino" on a dog refers to

A drawing of three white domino pieces with black dots on them

Dogs can smell how you’re feeling

Close up drawing of a tan dog with a big black nose

In one year, about how many puppies are born in the United States?

A map of the United States with little brown puppies all over it

About what age are puppies fully grown?

A droopy brown bloodhound dog with long ears that hang past her neck and a lot of extra skin sitting down

Dogs and cats both drink water in the same way by curling their tongue at the tip to raise the liquid to their mouth.

Dogs have sweat glands

A gray with white American Bully dog wearing a hot pink collar licking her nose with her tongue

What is the top health problem among dogs?

A brown paw print with a life line going through the middle of it

Dogs do not see in the same color scale as humans. What color toy will show up best to a dog in the green grass?

Close up of green blades of grass

An indication that a dog is happy is when their tail…

The back end of a large breed tan and brown dog with long legs and a long tail that is being held low


What is the percentage of dogs who sleep in their owners bed?

A large human bed with a small white dog sleeping on the right side