About the Dog



How many hours a day do puppies usually sleep during a growth spurt?

A little gray puppy sleeping inside of a pink sleeping bag

About the Dog

A dog with a corded coat has the appearance of long dreadlocks all over the dog’s body. Dogs with corded coats are born that way.

What does the color purple look like to a dog?

A scale of different shades of the color purple

Which is illegal in Chicago, Illinois USA?

A map of the state of Illinois with Chicago marked


About how many dogs are there in the world?

A drawing of the planet Earth

Dogs can see things close up better than a human can.

Front view drawing of a brown dog with very short legs wearing glasses sitting down

Dogs see in black and white

The woods cut in half with the left green in color and the right side of the image in black and white

Unlike the animals who can sense what others are feeling, dogs do not have this ability to read the energy of the universal animal language

A gray brindle with white pit bull puppy looking at a fluffy orange cat outside on a dog bed

Dogs see best at dusk and dawn

A night time image of the back woods with a little snow and trees without leaves with the sun going down


A dog’s sweat glands are…

Drops of light blue water representing sweat