About the Dog

What is the top health problem among dogs?

A brown paw print with a life line going through the middle of it

How many legs does the average dog have?

Drawing of 7 dog leg bones all lined up

Dogs can see things close up better than a human can.

Front view drawing of a brown dog with very short legs wearing glasses sitting down

What does the color red look like to a dog?

Four different color apples lined up in each corner of a square, purple, blue, gray and green

Which country has the highest dog population in the world?

A global map of the world

Unlike the animals who can sense what others are feeling, dogs do not have this ability to read the energy of the universal animal language

A gray brindle with white pit bull puppy looking at a fluffy orange cat outside on a dog bed

What is the scientific name for the part of the eye that allows dogs to see at night?

A drawing of the moon and stars in the sky at night

What is the average litter size for a dog?

A tan, shorthaired whippet type dog with ears that fold out and down with milk filled belly standing

Where was the first animal rights law put into place?

A homemade sign with three cats and three dogs drawn on it with a hand holding the wooden handle

What percentage of people sign their dog's name on their christmas card?

A blue card with colorful pine trees that says Merry Christmas with a gray envelope behind it