About the Dog

The average dog is about as smart as a

Head shot of a brown brindle boxer dog sitting down inside of a living room wearing reading glasses

In the dog world the term piebald refers to

A drawing of a man wearing a blue shirt with a pie on his head

About what percent of people buy their dogs presents for the holidays?

A decorated Christmas tree with wrapped blue presents under it

About how many words can the most intelligent dogs learn?

Words typed in different fonts on a gray background

Humans have 32 permanent adult teeth. How many teeth does an adult dog have?

A cartoon graphic of a tan dog with big teeth and a big black nose, dark eyes and small ears

In one year, about how many puppies are born in the United States?

A map of the United States with little brown puppies all over it

The merle color pattern is a mottled, marbled effect (usually red or black, sometimes blue). The merle gene is known to cause a number of health problems.

Side view of a medium-sized gray and black patterned terrier dog wearing a red collar standing in grass

On average, about how many muscles do dogs have in each ear?

A drawing of the top of a gray dog's head with rose ears on each side

What is a dog's average body temperature?

A drawing of a temperature thermometer

Dogs cannot see as well at a distance as a human.

A view across the railroad tracks that go over a river into the woods