Famous Dogs

According to the Guinness Book of World Records which of the following dogs holds the record for having the largest eyes measuring 28mm (1.1 inch)?

Close up of a blond haired girl's hazel eye

About the Breed

Tricolor is a coat of three distinct colors, usually black, white and tan. Which breed is never tricolor?

Close up of the back of a white, tan and black dog

Why do Siberian Husky's noses become dry at night?

A half moon in the dark sky surrounded by stars

Where did the Irish Doodle originate from?

A thick coated tan dog laying down

How do Welsh Corgi dogs stay warm in the winter?

A snowman with a head of a Corgi dog and stick arms that are up in the air outside in snow with snow falling from the sky

On average, what is the tallest dog breed?

Five Corgi dogs on various steps of a ladder

About the Dog

On average, how often should you cut a dog’s toenails?

The paw of a gray and white dog showing his short toenails

The term ticked is

A brown and black tick bug next to a check box with a check in it

Generally, what size dogs live the longest?

Three Shiba Inu dogs lined up from smallest to largest


Which food is harmful to a dog?

A picture of whipped cream, a crab leg, honey, vanilla beans and a kiwi


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