Famous Dogs

What breed of dog was Tramp on the American TV series My Three Sons?

A drawing of two white dogs sitting on a tan couch watching an old tube TV with rainbow lines on the screen inside of a purple room


At what age do puppies begin to respond to voices, sounds and recognize different people?

About the Dog

When a dog is hound-colored it means they are black, tan and white with a black saddle. Which of the following breeds are often hound-colored?
Close up of a white, tan and black coat pattern on a dog

The merle color pattern is a mottled, marbled effect (usually red or black, sometimes blue). The merle gene is known to cause a number of health problems.

Side view of a medium-sized gray and black patterned terrier dog wearing a red collar standing in grass

Picture Quiz - I am a

I am a...

A small tan wavy, thick coated dog with a black muzzle, wide round eyes and an underbite sitting down

About the Breed

What country are Bernese Mountain Dogs from?

A fluffy, tricolor puppy sitting down

How do Welsh Corgis stay warm in the winter?

A view of the snowy woods looking towards a body of water behind the tree line


What country did the Grand Anglo-Français Tricolore originate from?

A tricolor tan, brown and white hound dog with ears that hang to the sides and a long tail standing

When did the first Shiba Inu arrive in the United States?
A black, tan and white dog with prick ears and a tightly curled tail standing outside in grass

Which dog breed did the ancient Aztecs worship?

A drawing of an ancient aztec symbol