Dog Trivia



Puppies are born with their eyes open

A drawing of a small brown puppy with a tan patch around one eye and at the tip of her tail curled up in a purple dog bed

About the Breed

Where is the Labrador Retriever originally from?

Side view drawing of a yellow Labrador Retriever dog standing

In the American Pit Bull Terrier breed what does the term Blue Nose refer to?

A gray with white dog with a wide chest and big head sitting down looking up

How many Pomeranians did Queen Victoria of England own at one time?

A drawing of a fluffy brown dog with black eyes and a black nose wearing a tiara laying down

Picture Quiz - I am a

I am a...

A small, long coated tan dog with ears that fold to the sides, a black nose and wide round dark eyes laying down

I am a...

A medium sized, tan dog with a shaved body but longer hair on her long drop ears and long tail with a long muzzle, dark eyes and a black nose curled up laying down inside of a house

I am a...

A large breed black and white dog with a black back and white undersides standing outside

Dog History

In what year was the United Kennel Club (UKC) founded?

A tan map of the UK

Famous Dogs

Which dog breed was the co-mayor of Concord, Ontario?
A brown and tan dog with prick ears wearing a satchel that says Mayor and a little black top hat on her head

What is the Cocker Spaniel’s name in the famous Disney movie Lady and the Tramp?

A brown dog with long ears that hang down to the sides and a thick long coat