Dog Trivia


Famous Dogs

In the American action-comedy TV series The Dukes of Hazards that ran from 1979 to 1985, what was the nick name of the Basset Hound Flash given to him by Rosco the county sheriff?

Two Painted AFX slot cars a white sheriff car and an orange General Lee 01 car

What is the name of the mascot dog on the front of the caramel popcorn Cracker Jack box?

A red box with a black dog and the words POP on the front with popcorn laying in front of the box


About the Dog

Humans have 6 muscles in their ears. Dogs have

View from the top looking down at a gray pit bull dog with ears that stick out to the sides standing outside on a wooden deck

Humans have about 5 million scent glands. About how much better is a dog’s sense of smell than a humans?


What is the most common command taught to a dog?

A gray with white American Bully dog sitting down looking at a hand holding a yellow banana


In the first 20 days of a puppy’s life it’s mental capacity is


What is Achondroplasia?

A blue stethoscope

About the Breed

Which of the following breeds is the smallest?

Drawing of two small dogs side by side with side lines to measure them with a green background

When a dog has a mane it means there is profuse hair growth on the rear of the neck. Which breed is known for its thick mane?

The top of a dog's head with very thick hairs coming from the back of its neck with a persons hand touching the side of the dog

Picture Quiz - Purebred Dogs

This is a picture of a purebred