About the Breed

Which of the following is not a mix breed dog?

Drawing of a Dachshund dog with the words Purebred and question marks over top of it

Where did the Boxer breed originate from?

Close up head shot of a brown, white and black boxer dog with ears that hang to the sides, a pushed back snout and dark eyes

This dog has six toes on each foot.

The underside of a tan dog's paw that has six toes


How many hours a day do puppies usually sleep during a growth spurt?

A little gray puppy sleeping inside of a pink sleeping bag

About the Dog

How many elbows do dogs have?

A drawing of two bones making the elbow of a dog's joint

Dogs can hear

Front view of a white and black Boston Terrier dog with perk ears and lines coming from the right ear indicating sound

Dogs and cats both drink water in the same way by curling their tongue at the tip to raise the liquid to their mouth.

As dogs age their ability to hear higher pitched sounds begins to decrease.

A small brown dog with very large ears laying on her back with her paws behind each ear like she is listening

About how many words can the most intelligent dogs learn?

Words typed in different fonts on a gray background

Picture Quiz - I am a

I am a...

A toy sized, shiny coated, black, tan with white dog with longer hair on her ears laying down in grass