Picture Quiz - I am a

I am a...

A black and tan mix sized dog with ears that hang to the sides, a black nose and dark eyes sitting down on a tan carpet in front of a tan couch

I am a...

A toy sized, shiny coated, black, tan with white dog with longer hair on her ears laying down in grass

About the Dog

Dogs are not color blind, but rather see in a shade spectrum of

A boat out on the water with the image divided up into shades of blue, tan, purple, green and red

Dogs can hear higher pitched sounds than humans cannot hear

A little tan dog with brown patches sitting down with tear drop shapes near the right ear indicating sound

About the Breed

When a dog has a single coat it means the coat is one layer thick, lacking an undercoat. Which breed has a single coat?

A rack of rain type coats hanging up at a store

Which group of people were known to love Corgis?

A little tan with white corgi dog looking happy with a smile on her face, a black nose and dark eyes sitting down

Do poodles have fur or hair?

A drawing of a thick coated gray poodle with balls of its coat groomed all over it

Pugs are not great swimmers because they...

A wooden dock looking out into a body of water

Dog History

Wolves descended from animals that lived 40 million years ago called...

The head of a gray wolf howling

George Washington had a dog named

A drawing of a man with white hair wearing a long robe like shirt with pants that look like leggings with his hand out in front of him