Famous Dogs

What breed of dog was Tiger from the American TV series The Brady Bunch?

A blue square with six smaller squares inside with a different dog face inside each

According to the Guinness Book of World Records which of the following holds the record for holding the most, 5 regulation size tennis balls, in her mouth?

A drawing of 5 yellowish-green tennis balls

What breed of dog was Petey the dog who appeared in the popular series The Little Rascals films throughout the 1930s?

A graphic of an old tube TV with the year 1930 on the screen

The first Hollywood dog star was named

A little white dog sitting down with a pair of red sunglasses next to his front paw

What is the name of the mascot dog on the front of the caramel popcorn Cracker Jack box?

A red box with a black dog and the words POP on the front with popcorn laying in front of the box


What did Paul McCartney record for his dog at the end of the song “A Day in The Life”?

A silver microphone with sound coming from it

What breed of dog was the famous TV dog Lassie?

A drawing of an old brown tube TV with 1955 and a wagon wheel leaning against a bail of hay on the screen

Tigger is a bloodhound who holds the record for the longest ears. How long were they?

A bloodhound dog with ears that hang down and touch the ground

In 2014, a Great Pyrenees named Duke was elected mayor in Cormorant, Minnesota.

A drawing of a large breed white dog with a sash that says Mayor on it

In the 1957 Disney American classic film Old Yeller, what breed of dog was Old Yeller?

An old tube TV with a few of the woods and 1957 on the screen