Famous Dogs

What did Paul McCartney record for his dog at the end of the song “A Day in The Life”?

A silver microphone with sound coming from it

Benji is a fictional character created by Joe Camp. Benji has been the focus of several movies starting in 1974 with the newest release on March 16th 2018 by Netflix. What breed of dog was Benji?

A drawing of a black thick coated, long haired dog sitting down on a sidewalk with question marks above his head with green grass on each side


What breed of dog was the famous Rin Tin Tin who was featured in a series of Adventures of Rin Tin Tin films starting in 1923.

A drawing of a silver tin can with the top bent up

What breed of dog was Tiger from the American TV series The Brady Bunch?

A blue square with six smaller squares inside with a different dog face inside each

Moose  was a Jack Russell Terrier that played Eddie Crane in the US sitcom Frasier, a TV series that ran from 1993 to 2003. How old was Moose when he passed away in Los Angeles at his trainers home?

A white, tan with black medium sized dog with her paws around a blue and white soccer ball football out in the grass

The first dog that went to space survived the journey and made it back to Earth safely.

A brown and white longhaired dog standing on the moon

In the 1957 Disney American classic film Old Yeller, what breed of dog was Old Yeller?

An old tube TV with a few of the woods and 1957 on the screen

In the 1993 movie Homeward Bound what was the name of the young American Bulldog who was unfamiliar with the world?

A large breed, thick bodied, wide chested white with tan dog with a big head, big black nose and dark eyes laying down outside

The first Hollywood dog star was named

A little white dog sitting down with a pair of red sunglasses next to his front paw

What is the Cocker Spaniel’s name in the famous Disney movie Lady and the Tramp?

A brown dog with long ears that hang down to the sides and a thick long coat