Pot Luck Dog Trivia!


Famous Dogs

Snoopy is Charlie Brown's dog in the comic strip Peanuts by Charles M. Schulz. What breed of dog is Snoopy?

A yellow bird Woodstock and a white snoopy candle from the 1970s

What dog breed does the British singer and actress Rita Ora own and what is the dog’s name?

A drawing of a lady with blonde hair wearing a blue shirt

Picture Quiz - Purebred Dogs

This is a picture of a purebred 

A white with brown hound dog with a long tail jumped up with her paws on top of a tree stump with a body of water in the background

About the Dog

Humans have 32 permanent adult teeth. How many teeth does an adult dog have?

A cartoon graphic of a tan dog with big teeth and a big black nose, dark eyes and small ears

A dog with a corded coat has the appearance of long dreadlocks all over the dog’s body. Dogs with corded coats are born that way.

About the Breed

What two purebreds make up the mix breed often called an Irish Doodle?

Head shot of a brown dog with a thick wavy coat, black nose and black eyes


Picture Quiz - I am a

I am a…  

View from above looking down on a scruffy black and white dog with a long white tail, black hanging ears, a long muzzle and a black nose laying stretched out in grass

I am a...

A large breed tan dog with a wide chest, long tail, ears that stick out to the sides, dark eyes and a black nose sitting down

I am a...

Front view of a large breed black with tan dog with a graying muzzle and long soft ears standing in front of a white house

I am a...

A small tricolor tan, black and white puppy with long soft hanging ears, a wiry looking face, dark eyes and a black nose laying down inside of a house