About the Breed

The German word "Dachshund" translates to...

A brown long bodied, short legged brown dog with long ears that hang to the sides laying down

Achondroplasia is a common form of dwarfism found in dogs. Which dog breed commonly has Achondroplasia?

A drawing of a little brown dog with short stubby legs and rose ears standing

Which of the following dog breeds are considered to be a water dog?

A pretty pond with green trees, large rocks and benches surrounding it

Out of the following, what is the most popular name for a Chihuahua?

A little tan dog with large prick ears sitting down

Picture Quiz - Purebred Dogs

This is a picture of a purebred

An extra large breed, thick coated tan, white and black dog with a very long, tail with thick fringe hair coming from it standing in the snow wearing a brandy keg around her neck

This is a picture of a purebred

A large breed black dog with ears that stand up to a point and a long tail sitting down in grass

This is a picture of two purebred

Two small breed dogs sitting down side by side, one red and white with a medium coat and the other white and tan with a longer coat

This is a picture of a purebred

Side view of a thick coated, black with white wavy coated dog standing outside in grass

Picture Quiz - Mix Breed Dogs

This mixed breed dog is often called a

Side view of a thick coated tan dog with a white chest, small v-shaped fold over ears, small dark eyes and a black nose laying down in grass

This mixed breed dog is often called a

A small, long haired gray dog wearing a black and white witch hat laying down on a white blanket