Famous Dogs

In the 1997 movie Air Bud, what breed of dog was Old Blue?

An old brown tube TV with a basket ball net and ball with the year 1997 on the screen

Picture Quiz - Mix Breed Dogs

This mixed breed dog is often called a 

A medium sized tan dog with large fly away looking ears that go in different directions, dark round eyes and a black nose sitting down on tan carpet looking happy

This mixed breed dog is often called a

A large breed, black and tan, shorthaired, muscular dog with small fold over ears, slanty eyes, a long tail and a boxy snout standing outside barking

Picture Quiz - I am a

I am a…      

Looking down on a scruffy looking tan dog with black tips and prick ears with wide round dark eyes and a black nose standing inside a house on a red oriental rug

About the Breed

The first Beagle’s were…

A drawing of three different size Beagle dogs sitting in a row

Pugs are not great swimmers because they...

A wooden dock looking out into a body of water

Huskies do not have...

Front view of a black and white dog with small prick ears and ice blue eyes standing up


Which food is harmful to a dog?

A drawing of a cup cake, BBQ ribs, celery, mushroom and an ear of corn


About the Dog

On average a dog’s vision is

Close up of a dog's brown eyes on a brown brindle boxer

About how many dogs are there in the world?

A drawing of the planet Earth