Which food is harmful to a dog?

A sweet potato, black beans, red hot pepper, glass of milk and strip of chocolate

Picture Quiz - I am a

I am a...

A small tan wavy, thick coated dog with a black muzzle, wide round eyes and an underbite sitting down

I am a...

About the Dog

When a dog is roan it is

Four color patterns squared together in a larger square

What dog breed is the fastest runner?

A blue shadow of a dog running to the right

Picture Quiz - Purebred Dogs

This is a picture of a purebred 

This is a picture of a purebred

A tall thin tan dog with a black long muzzle, a high arch and long tail standing outside in red dirt

Famous Dogs

In the 1997 movie Air Bud, what breed of dog was Old Blue?

An old brown tube TV with a basket ball net and ball with the year 1997 on the screen

About the Breed

Achondroplasia is a common form of dwarfism found in dogs. Which dog breed commonly has Achondroplasia?

A blue medical kit with a paw print on the front if it


Do poodles have fur or hair?

A drawing of a thick coated gray poodle with balls of its coat groomed all over it