Pot Luck Dog Trivia!


Picture Quiz - Purebred Dogs

This is a picture of a purebred

A small white with black dog with long fringe on her underside and a round head, a pushed back snout, with long drop ears standing against a blue backdrop

About the Dog

Roughly how many dogs are born per day in the world?

The head of a Pug dog with a pattern of the blue and green world across her face

Humans have 6 muscles in their ears. Dogs have

View from the top looking down at a gray pit bull dog with ears that stick out to the sides standing outside on a wooden deck

How many knees do dogs have?

A drawing of two bones at the knee joint

About the Breed

When was the Carolina Dog discovered?

A tan dog with a short coat and large prick ears laying down

The Welsh Corgi dog breed is known to be on the list of the top 15 smartest dogs.

A black graduation hat with the tassel off to the left side

A feathered coat is when the dog has long hair on the ears, backs of legs and beneath the tail. Which breed is known for its beautiful feathered coat?

A light blue winter coat with feather patterns all over it

How long does it take for the average Boxer to reach maturity?

Front view of a Boxer dog carrying a green rope ball toy looking playful

Picture Quiz - Mix Breed Dogs

This mixed breed dog is often called a

A small, low to the ground, short, shiny coated black dog with a tail that curls up over his back, ears that fold down and out to the sides, dark almond shaped eyes and a black nose standing outside in grass

This mixed breed dog is often called a

Close up head shot of a small dog with long white hair wearing a veil