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Need to find your dog a home? We can help.

Top down view of a happy looking white with tan Cocker Spaniel dog that is standing on a tan tiled floor. It is looking up with its mouth open and it looks like it is smiling.

If you have a dog you can no longer keep, before taking it to the pound where there is a high chance of it being killed, try placing a rescue ad to find a new loving forever home. It's free. There are people looking to rescue dogs. We are constantly receiving emails from those who want to rescue. We created this listing to help bring the people looking to adopt together with the people who are trying to find homes. Dogs respond to their environment and whatever issue you may be having with your dog, with the right owner, may just disappear

A drawn brown dog with long drop ears sitting down holding a magnifying glass. There are words on the magnifying glass that read - Rescue Programs - overlayed.

Adopt a Rescue Dog

NOTE: The listing is for individuals or groups who run animal rescues, NOT people who have already adopted and wish to share their story. If you wish to share your story Click Here. If you would like to save a life and adopt a rescue animal, please contact one of the rescue groups or individuals listed at Rescue Info Center; they will be more than happy to assist you.

Note: If your dog has behavior problems you wish to change for the better, invest some time into studying natural dog behavior.

A white fluffy dog is laying across the bottom of a fence. Its muzzle is sticking through one of the grates.

The image reads - Adopt a Rescue dog. Gain a friend and save a life!