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DBI's Account Addresses & Codes

Animal Crossing New Horizons by Nintendo

A rock near the ocean with an Aries fragment, an old sword, fire, a skull, a pot of substance an old container, a fossil, a magic figurine and Sharon the blue girl on the beach

Below are the codes and addresses to Dog Breed Info's personal Nintendo accounts on Animal Crossing New Horizons. You can visit our islands and view our art and interior designs from the Paradice Planning app. Note, we are not professional designers so do not expect to see anything professionally useful in that realm of things. But rather a personality style, interesting game play, maybe even some secret tips or at best, just some humor.

Aries standing next to Sharon with a wooden sign pointing at them in an Animal Crossing New Horizons game with Chewie behind the game
  • Animal Crossing Dream Addresses and Code ID's

  • Island of "Chunkamunk"
  • DA-2592-1130-1186
  • Island of "Orion"
  • DA-2889-1576-7418
  • ----
  • Paradise Planning
  • HHN ID: RA-0321-9677-3279
  • Custom Designs
  • Creator ID: MA-5267-8555-1916
  • Sara's Animal Crossing Dream Address

  • Island of "Starlight"
  • DA-9401-3786-6746

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