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The Photo Extravaganza

A girl in a blue hat is taking four dogs on a pack walk down a street. The dogs are tied to her hip and she has her hands up in the air showing that she is not holding the leashes. The sun is shining down with rays of purple light over their heads.
A girl in a blue beanie is walking with four dogs in a street. The dog's leashes are tied to her hips and the girl has her arms crossed showing that she is not holding onto them.

Fifteen-year-old Amie pack walking her four dogs who are tied to her belt strap. Dogs are as follows: Bruno the Boxer , weighing 96 pounds; Allie the Boxer, weighing 75 pounds; Tacoma the Great Pyrenees weighing 120 pounds; and Tundra the Great Pyrenees weighing 125 pounds. Technically, the dogs could drag 99-pound Amie anywhere they wanted, but they all have too much respect to even try. She is their leader and they are mighty happy and secure about it.