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Bruno the Boxer as an adult photoshopped onto a white backdrop

Raising a Puppy: A day in the life with Bruno the Boxer puppy

Bruno the Boxer as a puppy photoshopped onto a white backdrop

What's involved in the care of a puppy? They are adorable, no one can argue that, but not everyone may have the time it takes to raise one. At 7 weeks old, caring for Bruno is like caring for a newborn baby. There are different responsibilities, as dogs and humans are very different, but the same amount of work. I have had three children and the care my babies required is the closest thing I can compare to the care this 7-week-old puppy requires. If I raise him right, the work will lessen over time, but until then he will keep me very busy.

Bruno the Boxer sitting outside with his tongue out and mouth open Spencer the Pitbull Terrier is sitting in grass outside

The Adventures of Bruno the Boxer and Spencer the Pit Bull