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Raising a Puppy: 27th week in his new home

A day in the life with Bruno the Boxer puppy. Bruno's 27th week—33 weeks old, 74 pounds, 24 inches from the ground to the highest point of the shoulders (the withers).

Bruno the Boxer sitting on a wet stone porch

About 7 1/2 months old

Bruno the Boxer chasing a wagon with a Cat in it

I often use a wagon to transport a bale of hay to the horses and goats. The cats like to hitch a ride. Bruno noticed the cat inside the wagon and wanted to play. Not now Bruno, you will scare the cat away. "Hey, NO. Leave it!"

Bad-Puppy Moments

Bruno the Boxer playing with Tundra the Great Pyrenees with cotton and material from a chewed up dog bed everywhere

Bruno was outside playing with the Pyrenees and decided it would be a good idea to chew up their dog bed. Bad dog, Bruno!

Pieces of dog bed stuffing everywhere next to a springhouse. Bruno the Boxer standing in front of a small stone wall with Tundra the Great Pyrenees in the background

The pieces are everywhere.

Bruno the Boxer and a Cat walking into the Springhouse were there is a large pile of dog bed stuffing

The trail leads right into the springhouse, where the Pyrenees's dog beds were kept.

Bruno the Boxer sitting next to a trash bag of dog bed stuffing

The mess filled an entire trash bag.

Bruno the Boxer sitting outside next to a black tarp on the ground

Now Bruno, I am not exactly sure what that there thing is, but I am pretty sure I had seen it part way buried in the ground over in the horse field. My guess would be it is one of those things you put down in a garden so the weeds do not grow as fast. One thing I know for sure is that tarp was not in the yard. You drug it out from somewhere. I know it was you because you happen to have a piece of the tarp hanging out of your mouth. Busted! Always making a mess, aren't we?!

Henry Comes Over!

Henry the Labrador Retriever sniffing Bruno the Boxer's back end

Bruno meets Henry the Labrador Retriever for the first time. This is Henry gathering Bruno's personal information.

Henry the Labrador Retriever and Bruno the Boxer walking side by side on a blacktop

Bruno walks off with Henry.

Bruno the Boxer standing on grass and Henry the Labrador Retriever sitting next to Bruno

It's time to go for our walk.

Bruno the Boxer, Henry the Labrador Retriever, Amie and Sharon standing in front of a fence with horses behind it

Henry meets some horses for the first time in his life. He's not sure what to make of those huge things.

Henry the Labrador Retriever standing next to Trouble the cat who has his hair and tail up

Henry also meets Trouble the cat.

Close Up - Trouble the cat looking mad all fluffed out

Trouble is not very happy to meet Henry. Look how fluffed up she is.

Sharon walking with Henry the Labrador Retriever

Henry learns to walk on a leash without pulling. Good boy, Henry.

Henry the Labrador Retriever sitting outside next to Allie and Bruno the Boxer playing around

Henry tries out Bruno's Illusion collar. We discover it's much easier to keep Henry from pulling with this collar on.

Bruno the Great Pyrenees and Food

I am happy to report I had just fed the Great Pyrenees and had gone back inside the house when I realized I didn't know where Bruno was. I went back out to look for him. He was in with Tundra and Tacoma (the two Great Pyrenees). The food dishes were right there and no one was fighting! Things are definitely getting better around here.

Raising a Puppy: Bruno the Boxer