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Raising a Puppy: 38th week in his new home

A day in the life with Bruno the Boxer puppy. Bruno's 38th week—44 weeks old, 84 pounds, 24 1/2 inches from the ground to the highest point of the shoulders (the withers).

Bruno the Boxer sitting outside with a paved driveway in the background

10 months old.

Bruno the Boxer laying on his side outside in the grass

Every week I take Bruno outside along with a slice of cheese and get him to sit for his weekly picture. Today Bruno decided "Sit" meant "Lie Down" and the sucker kept lying down when I would tell him to "sit." You silly pup! Getting the 44-week-old picture took a little longer than normal.

Bruno Meets Darley!

Bruno the Boxer looking at Darley the Beagle mix puppy out in a driveway

Bruno meets Darley the 12-week-old Beagle mix puppy. Darley was not all that sure about Bruno, and I don't blame her. Bruno is 83 pounds of clumsiness and he wanted to play.

Darley the Beagle mix sitting under a car behind the front wheel and Bruno the Boxer is standing in front of her

Good thing for Darley, she fit under the cars and Bruno does not.

Darley the Beagle Mix hiding under a car and Bruno the Boxer is looking for her

Bruno looking for Darley. "Hey, come on out of there and play with me!"

Darley the Beagle Mix standing in front of Bruno the Boxer who is looking at him

Bruno can get pretty overbearing with his play. He's a Boxer and he's all paws. I started telling Bruno to "Leave it!" which made Bruno, for the most part, back off from going after Darley. I wanted Bruno to be outside with Darley without starting an all-out rumble with her.

Amie kneeling down petting Darley the Beagle mix and Bruno the Boxer

Amie decided to make Bruno lie down, and that is when Darley decided to pounce on Bruno! Darley had a great time on our long walk in the woods, and Bruno even left her along during the walk. Darley was one tired pup after that day was done. :)

See more of Darley the Beagle mix and her littermates.

Bruno on a Quad Run

Bruno the Boxer running with the teal blue Suzuki quadrunner 160

Bruno still loves those quad runs. As soon as he sees someone climb onto the quad he perks up, hoping to be invited along for a run.

Bruno the Boxer chasing after the teal blue Suzuki quadrunner 160

If the person on the quad slows down to a putt, Bruno will sometimes wander off the path, smelling around. As soon as the quad speeds back up, he's off again, chasing it with all his might.

Bruno the Boxer running with the teal blue Suzuki quadrunner 160

Bruno running next to the quad.

Bruno Starting to Slobber, YIKES!

Close up of the slobber beginning to come out of Bruno the Boxers mouth

At 10 months old Bruno's face is becoming big and wide and his lips (dewlaps) are growing so much that he is beginning to slobber a bit. I have a feeling this is going to get a tad worse as he matures.

The Tongue!

The secret’s out...this pup’s got a tongue problem! It's just so BIG and long he seems to have a hard time keeping it in his mouth. His tongue hangs out more when he's tired, and with all of the daily exercise Bruno gets, we are seeing that tongue often.

Close Up - Bruno the Boxers Face with his tongue out Close Up - Bruno the Boxers Nose and tongue Bruno the Boxer's wrinkly face with his tongue out Close Up - Bruno the Boxer laying down looking sleepy with his tongue out Close Up - Bruno the Boxer looking tired with his tongue out Close Up - Bruno the Boxer sleeping on his dog bed with his tongue sticking out Close Up - Bruno the Boxer waking up with his eyes wide with his tongue sticking out Close Up - Bruno the Boxer with its tongue out looking droopy Close Up - Showing Bruno the Boxers underbite

And the underbite!

Midnight Walk

Bruno the Boxer sleeping half way on the floor half on his dog bed with a bone next to his back paw

Bruno, I know you are tired because daddy took you out on a long walk today, BUT...we humans want to walk again and since you’re a dog with a walking instinct we know you'll be just fine with waking up and going for a spontaneous walk. Bruno went from what you

Allie and Bruno the Boxers waiting outside at night

…this...wide awake. This is Bruno and Allie when they realized we were going for a hike. "Want to go for a midnight walk through the overgrown fields?"

Bruno the Boxer following Allie the Boxer outside at night

Yes, they do! They are wide awake now!

Allie and Bruno the Boxer playing around outside

If someone were to have waken me up at midnight and suddenly taken me for a walk, all I would have been thinking (rather grumping) about is my nice warm bed. The wonderful thing about dogs is they live in the moment. Bruno went from exhausted, sleeping on his bed, to this...wide awake and happy to be out on a hike. He doesn't do what we humans would do, whine that we were all cozy in bed, yep, it's all about the moment, no dwelling about the past...and at the moment we were out on a hike in the middle of the night! Dogs don't care what time it is, they just love walks! It's instinct!

Bruno the Boxer nipping at Allie the Boxer

Oh yes, he was one happy pup! He and Allie both...

Bruno the Boxer perked up listening in a still stance

Bruno hears something...

Bruno the Boxer looking off into the distance Allie and Bruno the Boxers nipping at each other on a walk

Bruno, do you ever leave your sister alone?

Bruno the Boxer holding onto Allie's collar with his mouth

Bruno still enjoys walking Allie...

Bruno the Boxer drinking out of a stream

Stopping for a drink...

Allie the Boxer sleeping in a dog bed and Bruno the Boxer sleeping behind the dog bed

After the midnight hike, it was 1:30 a.m. and Bruno was so tired he missed his bed and slept on the floor :) Does this look like a pup that is going to get into the trash? I think not!

Another Find

Bruno the Boxer sitting outside on a blacktop with his tongue out next to a piece of a skull

"Bruno, drop It!" What the heck is that you found there??

Close Up - Skull teeth connected to the jaw bone

Oh Bruno, where on earth do you find this stuff??

Raising a Puppy: Bruno the Boxer