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Raising a Puppy: 32nd week in his new home

A day in the life with Bruno the Boxer puppy. Bruno's 32nd week—38 weeks old, 81 pounds, 24 1/2 inches from the ground to the highest point of the shoulders (the withers).

Bruno the Boxer sitting outside

8 1/2 months old, sporting the larger collar we got from Tobin's Feed & Seed.

Allie and Bruno the Boxers look at feed bags

Bruno looking around Tobin's Feed & Seed to see which bone he thinks he would like to have.

Bruno the Boxer laying down eating a dog bone

Bruno, you lucky pup, they gave you a giant biscuit for free. Did you charm them with your looks? ;-)

Allie the Boxer about to walk through a stream and Bruno the Boxer jumping over the stream

Out on a hike, while Allie thinks about carefully walking through the cold water, Bruno decides he's going to jump it!

Bruno the Boxer jumping over the stream in mid air

And he's off!

Bruno the Boxer in mid air jumping into mud over the stream

About to land in the mud!

Bruno the Boxer in mid air jumpin over the stream and into mud

Bruno Lost his Crate

Bruno the Boxer laying in front of his crate with Waffles the cat inside of the crate

Bruno hanging out with Waffle the cat, who took over his crate after he developed frostbite from a scrape on the back of his neck. No idea how the scrape happened. It looks like he squeezed through something that shaved the top of his fur off?? Possibly grabbed by a fox?? The scrape on his neck was wet from other animals licking and from the cut itself. Wet and cold weather do not mix. Waffle has to spend some time indoors under supervision.

Bruno the Boxer licking Waffles the cat through the crate bars

He licks Waffle's wound, which is actually good for the cat. Dog saliva has a natural healing agent in it. This built-in germicide found in the saliva of a dog amazingly heals wounds in record time. Good boy, Bruno!

Bruno the Boxer laying in his crate

For the next couple of days temperatures will be above freezing, so the cat is able to go outside until it gets cold again. Bruno gets his crate back. After cleaning it out and putting Bruno's mat in it, he went into the crate on his own and went to sleep. Oh poor Bruno, did a cat take over your place? You have it back for two days. You were a very good boy outside of your crate.

Bruno Gets his Nails Done

Amie trimming Bruno the Boxers nails

Time for Bruno to get his nails trimmed. First we cut them with nail cutters, than we file them with a dog Dremel Pet Tool. Bruno's not so sure about this, but he is told to stay and deal with it.

Amie painting Bruno the Boxers nails with pink polish

Oh you poor Bruno. Amie decided you needed your nails painted pink. Bruno's even more unsure about this, but he is told to stay and he listens like a good puppy. Amie, you could have at least picked blue, Bruno is a macho man. You are ruining his ego!

Bad-Puppy Moments

Bruno the Boxer sitting next to looking at the part of a trampoline that he chewed up

I looked outside and saw Bruno playing tug-of-war with the trampoline. Oh Bruno, Bruno, Bruno...Katie is NOT going to be happy with you AGAIN! We do NOT chew up the trampoline!

Raising a Puppy: Bruno the Boxer