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Raising a Puppy: 37th week in his new home

A day in the life with Bruno the Boxer puppy. Bruno's 37th week—43 weeks old, 83 pounds, 24 1/2 inches from the ground to the highest point of the shoulders (the withers).

Bruno the Boxer sitting outside on the blacktop

10 months old.

Bruno and the Gate

Bruno the Boxer sitting in front of an open gate with a bunch of chickens on the other side of it

Bruno has gotten very good about not going into off-limits areas unless invited in. One of these areas is the gate going into the larger chicken yard. When I open the gate his first reaction is to stay. I can open the gate and he will not come in unless I tell him to come with me. I can even leave the gate open while the chickens are out and tell him to stay. He patiently waits on the outside of the gate for me to return.

Bye-Bye Crate

Bruno the Boxer sitting in front of a crate which is outside in the yard

Well, it's been four and a half months since Bruno has gone to the bathroom inside the house and it's been about a month since I have locked him in the crate. He's been a very good boy without it. So, we decided to put the crate away. So long as Bruno gets his daily walk, he’s very good inside the house. "Bruno, I realize you rather like your crate, but I like having my kitchen back! You'll just have to sleep in your dog bed."

Bruno after a Quad Run

Bruno the Boxer laying on a hardwood floor with a couch behind him and his back legs on the dog bed and his front half on the hardwood floor

This is Bruno right after what was described as the "longest run of his life." Bruno went out for a run, chasing after the quad. They hit every trail in a full-speed run. Oh yeah, what is that they say again? "A tired pup is a good pup!" And this is one good pup! :)

Bruno the Boxer laying in front of a teal blue Suzuki quadrunner 160

Bruno happily lies near the quad waiting for someone to take him out for another run.

Six Hours Outside his Crate

It's Easter and we have to leave Bruno for about six hours while we visit with relatives. His crate was packed away in the barn the day before. Hmm, a bit scary, but we're going to give it a shot. All of the Easter candy needs to be put up so he does not get into it. Our best chances are to tire him out before we leave so he'll happily sleep while we are gone and not snoop around looking to get into mischief.

Bruno the Boxer chasing the teal blue Suzuki quadrunner 160

Bruno went out for a short quad run in the morning and he and Allie for a walk in the late morning. Right before we left he went for a longer quad run, once again hitting every trail–down the pipeline, all through the woods, and through the fields.

Close Up - Bruno the Boxer with his mouth open and tongue out

This is Bruno right after he returned from his run. He was tired, but happy!

Bruno the Boxer laying across the top of both of the dog beds

Bruno came into the house and plopped down on both dog beds.

Bruno the Boxer sleeping across both of the dog beds

This is one pup who will be happy to lay around while we are gone.

Update: We returned home and not a single thing was out of place. What a good boy you were Bruno! Bruno went out for one more short walk after we got home and then was fed his dinner. He was done for the night.

Bruno's Fan Club

Bruno the Boxer walking on the blacktop, surrounded by five cats

Bruno, you have quite a fan club going there. Those cats really seem to like you.

New Dog Beds

Amie and Sara setting up Allie and Bruno the Boxers new dog beds as the dogs watch

Bruno and Allie get new dog beds.

Allie and Bruno the Boxer biting with each other while laying on the dog beds

Yep, I do believe Bruno likes his new bed. He plopped down on it and started harassing Allie as usual.

Pumpkin the cat laying on the new outside cat Bed

The old beds go to the cats. Pumpkin (AKA Lumpy) is the first to test them out. The second bed will go down into the barn for the cats.

Silly Puppy!

Bruno the Boxer chasing a newspaper outside which blew up against a fence

It was a really windy day. I looked out the window and suddenly I see Bruno run by chasing a newspaper that was blowing in the wind.

Bruno the Boxer running with the newspaper in his mouth which was blowing in the wind

He'd catch it, toss it into the air, it would blow away again and he'd chase it again! I went outside to take a picture and he dropped it without me even asking him to. I think he's so used to me telling him to leave things alone. I thought it was a pretty funny game he had going, so I said "Git It!" Bruno chased it again and continued his game...

Bruno the Boxer walking with a newspaper in his mouth

…until he decided he was going to rip it to shreds. At that point, I took it away because I didn't feel like picking up tiny pieces of paper. Bruno, you are one silly pup, that is for sure.

Bruno the Boxer biting at the Bubbles being blown by Sara

Bruno likes to try and eat bubbles when the kids blow them.

Bruno the Boxer licking at the bubbles with his big tongue out as Sara blows them

He's such a goofball.

Raising a Puppy: Bruno the Boxer