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Raising a Puppy: 39th week in his new home

A day in the life with Bruno the Boxer puppy. Bruno's 39th week—45 weeks old, 84 pounds, 24 1/2 inches from the ground to the highest point of the shoulders (the withers).

Bruno the Boxer sitting outside on the wet blacktop with a horse lean to, a shed and a tree behind him

10 months old.

Guard Dog

Bruno has become quite the guard dog. Sometimes I would wonder, because he does not bark when the mailman or UPS truck comes down the lane, or when a friend pulls up at the house for a visit. But today the roofer came to look at our roof. To Bruno that was not right and he let us know with his howl of a bark. Someone was on the ROOF! And he didn't let up until we let him outside to see what was going on. Then he greeted the roofer very happily and stopped barking at the ladder pitched against the house with men walking on the roof. Seems he accepts a lot of strange things, strange cars, etc., but he's still on guard and I am glad.

A Mouse

Bruno the Boxer looking at a half eaten mouse on the stone porch

"Bruno, leave it." the cats caught a mouse and ate half of it, leaving the other half on the porch.

Half eaten mouse on a stone porch

Nice, huh?

Golf Ball

Chewed up golf ball in two pieces the outer shell and the internal ball

Bruno found a golf ball and chewed it. Not a good toy. We'll have to keep them away from him. There are golf balls all over the property. Apparently the prior owner of this land used to hit balls into the fields just for fun and Bruno keeps finding them.


Dog puke with egg shelld in it

Bruno puked up a mess of egg shells. Bruno, you must have gotten down into the chicken yard, ‘cause you sure don't know how to open the refrigerator. The last time I remember having smashed eggs down there was when I fed the leftover Easter eggs to the peacocks and chickens. That means those eggs were at least a week old. Bruno, no wonder you puked them up! Gross!

The Ferrier

Allie and Bruno the Boxer watching a horse ferrier who is trimming the horses hooves

The ferrier came to do the horses feet. Bruno, I see you eyeing those horse hoof shavings, "No. leave it!"

Bruno the Boxer eyeing the hoof shavings on the driveway blacktop which has chalk drawlins on it

Bruno, I mean it, leave it! I see you eyeing that hoof shaving. If you eat horse hooves you'll puke again, just like you did with the egg shells. There's only so much puke one can handle, ya know?!

Bruno the Boxer about to eat the horse hoof shavings

Every time Bruno goes for a hoof shaving I say "Leave it!" and he walks away from that one piece. He knows he is not allowed to chew that piece, however there are hundreds of pieces lying around from both horses and he does not understand I mean leave all of it alone. He goes after another one. The best thing to do is to sweep it up while the ferrier works. "Bruno, leave it, you darn pup!"

Darley Comes to Visit

Darley the Beagle mix sitting in front of Bruno the Boxer who is in motion walking by

Bruno's friend Darley the 13-week-old Beagle mix puppy came over for a long hike in the woods.

Bruno the Boxer jumping over large boulder rocks

They ran around like crazy enjoying the woods and fields.

Bruno the Boxer jumping over a stone wall with Amie running in the background Bruno the Boxer drinking from a pond. Darley the Beagle mix sitting on the edge of the water

Bruno and Darley stop for a drink at the pond runoff.

Bruno the Boxer sticking his head in the pond. Darley the Beagle mix sitting on the edge of the water

Hey Bruno, wait for me! Darley, you can't go in there, it's over your head.

Bruno the Boxer with his tongue out standing in a pond

Bruno cooling off in the water. Get a load of that tongue!

Bruno the Boxer running outside with his huge tongue out

Bruno ran around so much his face was slobbered up. Oh my gosh, the tongue! Bruno, I seriously think you have tongue issues.

Slobber on a fleece shirt

Now Bruno, I don't think Darley's mommy Erica appreciates you sharing your slobber with her. Anyone got a paper towel?

Bruno the Boxer laying outside with his huge tongue out

Oh yes, I was right, tongue issues. Bruno, you’re only 10 1/2 months old. Anyone know at what age a dog’s tongue stops growing?

Bruno the Boxer walking on the blacktop and Darley the Beagle mix running beside him

"Listen kid, you keep following me around and I get all excited. Then I try and play with you, and I'm so big and you’re so small Mommy tells me to leave you alone. So I do, then you come running again. Can't I just pounce on you one time, huh, just once? I think you’re more fun than the cats ‘cause you don't have claws. What do you say, kid?"

"No Bruno, leave it!"

Raising a Puppy: Bruno the Boxer