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Raising a Puppy: Teaching to Pee on Command

Bruno the Boxer at 7 weeks peeing in the grass outside

Bruno at 7 weeks...

Young puppies are somewhat predictable. They usually always have to go to the bathroom after they wake from sleeping and after eating. Therefore, it is not hard to teach your puppy to pee on command. I started teaching Bruno to pee on command. After he wakes up from sleeping or after he has eaten, I walk him over to where I would prefer him to go to the bathroom and right about the time when I can tell he is going to pee, I say, “Bruno, GO PEE" over and over, followed by a "GOOD BOY" when he goes. I often see him look back at me as if he is proud of himself. This will take some time, but eventually he will learn what "Go Pee" means.

Raising a Puppy: Bruno the Boxer