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Children and Their Pets

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Two blonde haired girls are sitting next to a white with tan brindle Bulldog. They all are looking forward. The Bulldogs head is tilted to the left.

Studies have shown that owning pets can be very beneficial to children. Not only does it teach them responsibility, but a pet can be a wonderful friend. It gives children a sense of and a respect for the other creatures of the earth while helping them to grow up stable and happy.

Who Let the Dogs Out!!! By Sara, 3 Years Oldspeaker icon

A smiling boy in a blue jacket is laying on his stomach in grass outside. There is a tan with white and black Shetland Sheepdog sitting on the boy's back.
A child in a blue and white polkadot dress is kneeling in front of a black and tan Bloodhound that is laying on its right side. There is another child in a pink polka dot dress behind the dog.

The patient, mild-mannered Bloodhound is an excellent patient for Dr. Emily and her assistant! Photo courtesy of MistyTrails Bloodhounds

Close up - A girl is sleeping in a bed with her head on a Barbie pillow and next to her is a Havanese puppy looking forward.

Havanese are excellent little dogs for children. This is Emily and her new little Havanese puppy Misty. Photo courtesy of MistyTrails Havanese