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Children and Their Pets

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Close up - A black with brown German Shepherd dog is sitting against a yellow wall that has pumpkins painted on it. The dog is wearing an elephant on its head and it is sitting next to a toddler sized baby that is wearing a tan lion costume.

Dasha the German Shepherd and Aiden—"Ever since we brought our son Aiden home, Dasha has been a constant companion and protector of him. As you can see, we dressed him as a lion for his first Halloween, and Dasha dressed as an elephant so she could trick-or-treat with her little buddy."

A toddler in a pink shirt is standing on a tiled floor and it is looking at a tan with black Briard dog sitting in front of it. Its mouth is open and tongue is out. The shaggy dog is larger than teh baby.

Amanda and her Briard named Desi

A toddler in a pink shirt is standing on a tiled floor and she has her mouth near the mouth of a tan with black Briard dog.
A shirtless child is laying on his back on a bed and there is a cat sleeping overtop of his arm.

Chase and his cat Angel taking a nap together

A small dark haired girl in a pink shirt is holding up a doll in her left hand and there is a white Boxer dog licking her face. The dog and the child are about the same size.

Boxer love