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Those Amazing Cats!

A cat peeing in a human's toilet with a plant and a roll of toilet paper on the back of the toilet

This is a Siamese cat really using the toilet!! Wouldn't we all love to teach our cats how to use the toilet?!

Unrolled toilet paper in front of a toilet with an open shower door and a kitten sitting in front of the shower door on a rug

"We had recently found this little guy living behind a dumpster. We decided to keep him confined in the bathroom and let him out under supervision until he was comfortable with us and his surroundings. He was quickly adapting to being a pampered house kitty but he still was very timid about everything. I had just checked on him and he was sleeping in his bed in the shower, 20 minutes later I got a huge laugh as I opened the door to this sight."

Chub the white cat standing on a table with its head in a bag of cat food

This is Chub the cat. Chub is one cat who has definitely earned his name!

Cloe the cat is laying in a bathroom sink and looking at the camera holder

Cloe spends most of her time in the sink, waiting for her owner to turn on the water so she can drink.

A cat and a dog sleeping on a couch with 3 birds sitting on top of the dog A cat sitting on a kitchen chair with three birds on the back of the chair

Talk about a cat who loves EVERYONE!! Buttions sure is content with her dog and bird friends!

A cat wearing a football jersey laying against the arm of a couch

Just hanging around, watching a little TV.

A Cat sitting on its butt on a couch with its legs out and its ears are down and it is looking to the right

This is Merlot, a Scottish Fold cat who regularly "sits" like this. He weighs 23 pounds (10.5 kg).