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Dogs All Dressed Up!

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Bruno the Boxer is sitting in a house wearing a cowboy hat and a pair of reading glasses

Bruno the Boxer dressed like a cowboy—"Bruno is really good at posing for the camera. I put the hat and glasses on him and asked him to stay. Then I bust out laughing and Bruno stayed perfectly still keeping the pose, but that nubby of his started wagging really fast as if he was laughing with me."

PJ the Boston Terrier is wearing a dress and fairy wings standing on her hind legs on a tiled floor

PJ the Boston Terrier all dressed up and ready to go out trick-or-treating.

Miss Angel Rose the Bulldog is wearing a light pink wedding dress and a hat. It is also sitting on a carpet and looking up at the camera holder with its mouth open

Miss Angel Rose the Bulldog all dressed up.

Khayman the Sikese dog and Amity the Chigi dog are sitting on a countertop wearing a purple and a red coat with white fur around the necks.

Khayman the adult Sikese (Maltese / Silky Terrier hybrid dog) and Amity the Chigi (Chihuahua / Corgi hybrid dog) wearing their winter coats.

A Heeler is wearing reading glasses on a couch. It has an open book in front of it

A Heeler wearing reading glasses with her paw in a book

A dog is dressed as a race horse in front of a black leather couch

A little dog dressed like a race horse

A little tan dog with a bone tag hanging from its collar is wearing sunglasses laying in the passenger seat of a car

A little dog wearing sunglasses laying on the car seat