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Dogs All Dressed Up!

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Bandit the fawn and black Pug is wearing a black leather jacket and looking to the left

Bandit the Pug wearing his black, Pug-rock jacket.

Allie the Boxer wearing a light blue shirt with the face of a Boxer on the back. Allie is sitting on a hardwood floor

Allie the Boxer wearing her Boxer shirt

Two young girls are hugging Allie the Boxer who is wearing a light blue shirt and two purple and blue beaded necklaces. Spike the Bulldog is sitting near a staircase in the background watching

Jessica, Allie the Boxer, Amie and Spike the Bulldog

Hashko the white with brown brindle American Bulldog is laying on a floor wearing a yellow and black bee costume

American Bulldog Hashko loves to dress up. He is 6 months old in this picture and lives in Oklahoma.

Riot the Belgian Tervuren puppy is laying on a bed in a yellow and black bee costume

Riot the Belgian Tervuren at 4 months old getting ready for Halloween, dressed like a yellow and black bee.

Tank the fawn and black Boxer is wearing a batman costume sitting next to a dog crate carrier.

Tank, an 11-month-old Boxer celebrating his first Halloween dressed like Batman.

A gray and white Alaskan Husky is standing in a house and wearing a shiny green Hula skirt and an elastic flower Hawaiian necklace

An Alaskan Husky Hawaiian style!

Barkley the tan Cairn Terrier is sitting on the back of a couch and wearing a long sleeve white and red shirt

Barkley the Cairn Terrier wearing a shirt

Teddy the black Schipperke is sitting down wearing an Irish dance dress and a brown and black leopard collar.

Teddy the Schipperke

Keena the American Bulldog is sitting on a tiled floor and dressed as Snow White

Keena the American Bulldog at 1 ½ years old! She was Snow White for Halloween.

Volley the pure white Japanese Spitz is wearing a pink and white shirt and also laying on the white tiled floor while chewing a rawhide bone

Volley is a 4-month-old Japanese Spitz. wearing her pink coat.

Volley the pure white Japanese Spitz puppy is laying on a white tiled floor wearing a blue and red football jersey and matching shoes

Volley is a 4-month-old Japanese Spitz. wearing a sports jersey and shoes.