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The Purebred Japanese Spitz

Information and Pictures

Three happy looking white Japanese Spitz are standing and sitting in a row in grass. All of there mouths are open.

Corey, Kia and Kismet, three beautiful Japanese Spitzes from Australia, photo courtesy of Kiraleea Japanese Spitz

Other Names
  • Nihon Supittsu

jap-uh-neez spits


The longhaired coat of the Japanese Spitz has a thick under-layer that is always pure white. The tail is covered with long hair and is carried curled over the back. The coat is short on the bottom half of the legs, with breeches on the hind legs and feathering on the forelegs. The ears are small and pointed upright, and the muzzle tapers slightly. The large oval eyes are dark and slightly slanted, and the nose and lips are black. The face of the Japanese Spitz is wedge-shaped. There is dense feathering on the feet.


The Japanese Spitz is a high-spirited, intelligent and playful dog, which is alert and obedient. This bold little dog is a good watchdog and will alert its owners when it feels it is necessary. The Japanese Spitz is not difficult to train as long as the owner is always consistent. This breed learns quickly and really enjoys agility and playing games of catch with balls or Frisbees. This happy dog is usually good with children and usually gets along well with other dogs and household pets. The Japanese Spitz is, in spirit, a big dog in a little dog's body. This tough little dog acts as a house protector and guardian. The Japanese Spitz can be an inveterate barker if you allow it to believe it is in charge. Be sure to tell your dog enough is enough and to quiet down if he starts barking obsessively. Cheerful, bold, proud and affectionate toward its masters. Make sure you are this dog's firm, confident, consistent pack leader to avoid Small Dog Syndrome, human induced behavior problems. When dogs are allowed to be pack leader to humans they can develop many types of behavior issues, including, but not limited to being suspicious of and barking at strangers, guarding, separation anxiety, destructiveness, snapping, and even biting. These are not Spitz traits, but rather behaviors resulting in a lack of leadership on the human’s part. Always remember, dogs are canines, not humans. Be sure to meet their natural instincts as animals. They need rules to follow, limits to what they are and are not allowed to do and a firm, consistent, confident pack leader, along with daily mental and physical exercise.

Height, Weight

Height: 12 - 15 inches (30 - 38 cm)
Weight: 11 - 20 pounds (5 - 10 kg)

Health Problems

Generally healthy

Living Conditions

The Japanese Spitz is good for apartment life. This breed is fairly active indoors and will do okay without a yard as long as it gets plenty of outings and exercise.


This is a busy little dog that will adapt himself to your lifestyle so long as you take the dog for a long, daily walk. In addition, it will enjoy regular chances to run off its lead in a safe area.

Life Expectancy

About 10 to 16 years

Litter Size

About 1 to 6 puppies


The Japanese Spitz should be combed and brushed regularly. This is a very tidy animal that should be bathed only when necessary. When the dog is shedding, use a comb with a double row of metal teeth to remove loose hairs from the under-layer.


No one knows for sure of the origins of the Japanese Spitz, but some claim it is descended from the native Siberian Samoyed. This theory is controversial, but those who believe it claim Samoyeds were strictly bred for smallness, with the end result being the Japanese Spitz. Everything about the Japanese Spitz strongly suggests that it is simply a small version of the Samoyed. Creation of the breed commenced in the late 1800s. Very popular in Japan in the 1950s, although numbers in its native land have declined, it has become increasingly popular in Europe and North America.



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View from the top looking down at a fluffy thick coated white longhaired dog with small perk ears and a fluffy tail sitting on a tan carpet. The dog has dark almond shaped eyes and a black nose.

Sasha the Japanese Spitz at 2 years old from Ireland—"She is the most beautiful playful dog ever!"

Right Profile - A white Japanese Spitz is standing in a room and looking up, its mouth is wide open

Rhyan the Japanese Spitz at 2 years old from the Philippines—"My dog is a 2-year-old male pure Japanese Spitz. A good-looking dog with a nice double coat. He is an obedient and a very low-temperament pet. He is a very shy dog, who used to cover himself when he is eating. He is our second dog. We love him very much! That is my Rhyan."

A white Japanese Spitz is standing on a tan tiled floor in a room. Its mouth is open and its tongue is out

Rhyan the Japanese Spitz at 2 years old from the Philippines

A white with tan Japanese Spitz is standing in a garage next to a vehicle. There is a person in front of it

Rhyan the Japanese Spitz at 2 years old from the Philippines

A white with tan Japanese Spitz is standing in a garage next to a vehicle.

Rhyan the Japanese Spitz at 2 years old from the Philippines

A girl in a green dress is hugging a Japanese Spitz in the back seat of a vehicle. The girl is smiling and the dogs tongue is out and it looks happy

Bailey the Japanese Spitz is one loved doggie!

A white Japanese Spitz is laying on a carpet and a throw rug chewing on a bone.

Paris the Japanese Spitz chewing on her bone

A white Japanese Spitz puppy is laying in grass with weeds in front of and behind it. It is panting outside and looking down at the leaves on the ground next to it

4-month-old male Japanese Spitz named Finn

Side-view - A white Japanese Spitz puppy is sitting on a dog bed

Volley the Japanese Spitz as a puppy at 4 months old

A white Japanese Spitz puppy is laying on a hardwood floor. It is chewing on a dog bone. There is a hamburger squeaky toy next to it

Volley the Japanese Spitz as a puppy at 4 months old chewing her bone next to her hamburger squeaky toy

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