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Japanese Spitz Pictures

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A small white Japanese Spitz puppy is sitting in a pot that has a lot of fake vegetables in it in a kitchen on top of a stove.

This is Bisho, which means “smile” in Japanese, as a 12-week-old puppy. "She is a real delight and typical of the breed—a nonstop windup toy who is fearless! She loves to play with Hayley, our Mini Poodle, and WANTS to play with Griselda, our 15-year-old cat, who so far is dubious!"

A Japanese Spitz puppy is sleeping on its back in between white blanets

Bisho the Japanese Spitz puppy at 12 weeks old

A tan Japanese Spitz puppy is being held up and hugged by a girl in a pink shirt. There is a shelf behind her with an Eeyore plush toy wearing a hat and a radio and a picture of the girls family behind her.

Shaina with Bambie, her Japanese Spitz puppy

A Japanese Spitz is wearing a vest and looking over a glass table with its own reflection peering below like a mirror

Snowball the very clever and affectionate Japanese Spitz looking over a glass table

A small Japanese Spitz Puppy is laying on its side in a leopard print dog bed

Japanese Spitz puppy in her dog bed

A Japanese Spitz puppy is laying on a shiny hardwood floor, its mouth is open and tongue is way out

Ming at 4 months old is very intelligent, friendly and loves socializing.

A Japanese Spitz is sitting on a floor and looking up. There is a heart vignette around the dog. The words 'Mandy' is overlayed at the bottom of the image.A small Japanese Spitz Puppy is standing next to a tan plaid couch

This is a cute little Japanese Spitz puppy.

Side view head shot - A Japanese Spitz is laying in a bed and looking at a wall A Japanese Spitz puppy is laying in a kitchen and biting a throw rug A Japanese Spitz is sitting in a room in front of a brown wall A Japanese Spitz is standing in deep snow out in a yard with a wooden fence behind it. A white with tan Japanese Spitz is walking towards a bowl of water and food next to a white wall of a house.

Rhyan the Japanese Spitz at 2 years old from the Philippines