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Dogs, All in Play!

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Close up - A brown Golden Retriever and a tan with black Pug are biting at each other. They are standing in grass and there is a stone wall behind them. The larger dog has its mouth over the smaller dog's head.

Max and his cousin Wednesday duking it out over a bone at a BBQ! Max is the Golden Retriever and Wednesday is a Pug.

A tan Afghan Hound is standing up against a white Akita. They are biting at each other. Both dogs are on their hind legs in the grass with a wooden privacy fence next to them.

Chandhara's Chamise Lily, an 11-month-old female Afghan Hound dance-playing with Yukionna, a 2-year-old female Akita.

A black with tan and a brown with tan Doberman are in their hind legs jumping at each other outside in grass.

This is Cammie and Roxy playing in the backyard. Cammie (black/tan) is 9 years old and Roxy is 6 years old. Cammie is Roxy's mom. They are both Doberman Pinschers.

Action shot - Two black with white Labrador/German Shepherds are biting at each other. Three dogs are running at each other across grass.

On the left is Eeyore. He is a 2.5-year-old black Lab / German Shepherd cross. In the middle is Bowwow. He is a 1-year-old black Lab cross. And zooming in from the right is Roo. She is a 2-year-old German Shepherd / Whippet cross.

A white with grey Bulldog is biting at the leg of a brown with white Boxer. The Boxer is biting back at the Bulldog. Their mouths are open.

All in play...honestly!

A white with grey Bulldog has its mouth wide open and is biting at the back of a brown with white Boxer. The Boxer is biting at the legs of the Bulldog.
A tiger colored Boxer/Akita mix is biting at a Black Labrador that is laying on its back on top of a couch. Its mouth is wide open and its teeth are showing.

Eve the Boxer / Akita mix and Kodi the black Lab think this kind of play is the best, even though it looks like they're killing each other.