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Arubian Cunucu Dog

Information and Pictures

The left side of a brown and white Arubian that is Cunucu standing on sand

This is Cesar standing in more or less a natural environment for the Arubian Cunucu dog. Photo courtesy of Cesar Cunucu Cacho


The Arubian Cunucu Dog is a pariah type dog; one of the surviving random bred dogs of Aruba. This pariah type dog has similar characteristics to other pariah type dogs, including a curled tail, smooth coat, pricked ears and moderate body. Pariah type dogs vary in size considerably. Nature has a preference for this type of dog so when left to its own devices, the genetics of dogs typically become this generic all-around dog type. At the same time, without evidence of a standard, a specific studbook or pedigree, it is very difficult to recognize the Arubian Cunucu Dog as a breed.


DRA = Dog Registry of America, Inc.

The front right side of a brown and white Arubian Cunucu that is sitting on a surfboard in the water with its mouth open and tongue out. There is a giuy to the right of it standing behind the surfboard and looking forward.

Cesar Cunucu Cacho is an Arubian Cunucu Dog

A series of photos exhibiting an Arubian Cunucu diving into a body of water off of a wall to swim to a person

Cesar Cunucu Cacho is an Arubian Cunucu Dog from the island of Aruba in the Dutch Antilles. He was found alone beside a dirt road when he about 8 weeks old. Since then he has learned to windsurf, competes in agility and has immigrated to the USA. Besides agility and windsurfing, Cesar also "cliff dives" at Belmont Harbor in Chicago.