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Bulldog Throwbacks

Examples of Bulldogs from the Long Ago

A picture of a picture of a Bulldog from the 1900s

Bulldog from 1900

A bulldog sleeping on a pillow with a cat on the floor

Sleeping Bulldog 1898

A man standing next to two bulldogs on leashes

Bulldog from 1910

Two pictures of a bulldog side by side of a white bulldog standing next to a person

Bulldog from 1917

One Brindle Bulldog sitting and another standing

Brindle Bulldogs

Bulldog and man sitting in a military jeep


Bulldog with toddler in front of a house

Bulldog with Toddler

Bingo the Bulldog standing in front of a wall. Overlayed'-Bingo-'


Eye the Bulldog in a field. Overlayed 'I've a bit of a black eye. but- you ought to see the other fellow!' 'Our men have established a personal ascendency over the enemy. - General French'


White Bulldog standing in a yard

White Bulldog

Boy sleeping on two bulldogs

Bulldogs Sleeping

Field the Bulldog standing in a yard


Ashwood Dalesman the Bulldog standing in a yard, Overlayed 'Ashwood Dalesman'

Bulldog Ashwood Dalesman

Jiggs the bulldog wearing a military jacket sitting next to a  baby

Jiggs of the Marines

Bulldogs with Pug in their lines standing and sitting in grass

Pug Blood

Four bulldogs with a lady out in the field

Bulldogs with Girl

Bulldog getting a bath from a little girl

Bulldog Bath

A Bulldog standing in front of a dog house and three chickens trying to eat out of his food bowl

Bulldog with Chickens

Two bulldogs standing in front of a wooden fence next to a dog house

Bulldogs 1800's

Two Bulldogs standing next to flower pots

Bulldogs from 1850

Two Bulldogs running at a cow with a man standing behind the dogs

Bulldogs with Bull 1860

A man fighting a bulldog in front of a bunch of people in a dog pit ring

Hanely, England in 1874

A drawn picture of a bulldog in a standing pose from 1889

Sir John Falstaff 1889