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Bullypit Pictures

American Bulldog / American Pit Bull Mixed Breed Dogs

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Deuce the Bullypit has his back end on a couch, but his front paws are on the floor

"This is our rescued American Bulldog / Pit Bull Terrier mix, Deuce at 6 ½ months old, weighing 55 lbs. and 23” to the shoulder. His mom is Am. Bulldog and his dad is a Pit. His litter, including his parents, was rescued by our rescue organization. They have all found great, responsible families."

"Deuce is very comical, incredibly intelligent, though a big goofball! Training is very important to us and should be for any responsible owner of a bully breed that typically scares people that do not understand them. We foster dogs to help keep him well socialized and bring him to training classes and doggy day care once a week for some fun! He will chase the cats and then turn around so they can chase him!!"

"He loves to play and loves to snuggle. He thinks he is a lap dog. He is wonderful with our children and anyone else’s for that matter. He is NO guard dog, he’ll let anyone in! Sshhhh!!"

Other Names
  • Colorado Bulldog

Note: The purebred American Bully is also sometimes called the Bullypit

Deuce the Bullypit sitting on a couch next to a boy

"You need to have patience with training this type of dog, they are very smart and willing to please, but also are very friendly, so they may decide to say hello when you’d rather have them sitting!! LOL. They need a pack leader-type of owner, not someone who will let them get away with everything. Owners need to start training their dogs so they will show all the ‘non-believers’ how great these dogs really are!!!"

Close Up - Deuce the Bullypit as a puppy sitting in a yard against a chain link fence

Deuce the American Bulldog / Pit Bull Terrier mix as a 9-week-old puppy

Ellie the Bullypit sitting in between the legs of a person

Ellie the American Bulldog / Pit Bull mix at 3 years old