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Whelping a messy litter of pups

MESSIER than normal.... Some litters make minimal mess; this one was very messy. It had me a little worried but all is 100% fine.

Close Up - Two Uterine Horns coming out of a Dam at once

Two horns, both trying to come out first—she broke them both so that sped up the decision; they then could retract back and one pup could decide who is to come first, as both cannot come at the same time.

The first puppy beginning to present itself

Presentation of the first pup; it took LOTS of pushing to get it here, but that is as far as she could get on her own. She almost needed an episiotomy because it would only come this far; she would push, and back in he would go.

The first puppy beginning to come out Close Up - The first puppy beginning to present itself Close Up - The first puppy beginning to come out Close Up - Puppy tongue visible through Uterine Horn

I had to help get the head out. The tongue was still pink so no worries yet.

Close Up - Dog head coming out first

The head is out, yippee! The sac is still on. I will now break the sac get the puppy going, and then try to get the rest of the body out. Kinda neat, he is in a bubble.

Close Up - First puppy completely out

A white male is OUT. He weighs 9 oz. I properly removed the dewclaws, did the cord care, and then he was nursing.

Hemostat holding onto Placenta

I have a hold of the placenta, but the hemostats sucked back inside of the dam. This is fine because I want to make sure I get four placentas out.

Puppy Number Two being born

Here comes the biggest pup, number two, a tan male weighing 9 oz.

Puppy Number Two presenting itself Puppy Number Two continuing to present itself

This is about as far as she is able to get him out on her own.

Close Up - Puppy Number Two presenting itself Blurry Picture of Puppy Number Two coming out

I pull...

Puppy Number Two out and feeding

...he is out.

Two Nursing Puppies laying under a blanket

Both pups are under a hot rice pad, both nursing.

Green Discharge on a towel

OH YUCK. Green discharge. I don't like this. The third pup is taking an HOUR to get out. I am starting to worry.

Third Puppy has been born

Finally boy three comes, weighing 7.5 oz. It was fairly easy to get him out, but messy.

Puppies Nursing next to the green discharge

Told you he was a MESS MAKER! I had to work to get him out. I am not sure what happened, but I knew I had limited time if this green meant his placenta detached.

Puppy Number Four coming out of the dam

After another hour pup number four arrives weighing 8.5 oz. This pup was fairly easy. He is still in the sac in this picture.

Puppy Number Four fully out of the Dam All four puppies nursing

All is happily ever after...xo. All cleaned up and Mom is happy.

Courtesy of MistyTrails Havanese

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