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List of Caucasian Shepherd Dog Mix Breed Dogs

Close up head shot of an extra large dog with very thick, fluffy tan, black and gray hair, very small fold over ears, a big black nose and black lips with round brown eyes sitting down on a brick porch

"Gizmo the Caucasian Mountain Dog / Husky mix breed dog at 3 years old"

Other Caucasian Shepherd Dog Breed Names
  • CO
  • Caucasian Sheepdog
  • Caucasian Ovcharka
  • Armenian Khobun Dog
  • Azerbaijani Shepherd Dog
  • Kavkaskaia Ovtcharka
  • Karachay-Balkar pariy
  • Kavkazskaïa Ovtcharka
  • Kavkazskaya Ovcharka
  • Kars (Kafkas) Köpeği
  • Caucasian Owcharka
  • Caucasian Mountain Dog
  • Sage Ghafghazi
  • Georgian Nagazi
  • Caucasian Ovtcharka
  • Circassian Sheep Dog
  • Russian Caucasian Ovtcharka
  • Russian Caucasian
  • Russian Mountain Dog