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List of Clumber Spaniel Mix Breed Dogs

Close Up - Emma the Clumber Lab is sleeping on a brown towel

Emma the Clumber Spaniel / Labrador Retriever mix

  • Clumber Spaniel x Bedlington Terrier mix = Clumberton
  • Clumber Spaniel x Bullmastiff mix = Clumberstiff
  • Clumber Spaniel x Chinese Shar Pei mix = Clumber Pei
  • Clumber Spaniel x English Springer mix = Cluminger Spaniel
  • Clumber Spaniel x Labrador Retriever mix = Clumber Lab
Other Clumber Spaniel Dog Breed Names


Side view drawing of a long, low to the ground, short legged white dog with tan spots on its face and a long coat and long tail.

A drawing of a Clumber Spaniel mix breed dog.

Front view drawing of a tan dog with brown spots on her face and ears, a brown nose, brown eyes and ears that hang down to the sides sitting down.

A drawing of a Clumber Spaniel mix breed dog.