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List of Dalmatian Mix Breed Dogs

A white dog with black spots, black ears and a black nose with her pink tongue hanging out to the side and dark almond shaped eyes laying down outside in dried leaves.

"This is Kasey our Bullmation at 1 year old. She is a great dog, as long as she gets the proper exercise. She has an all around great temperament and is very obedient. She has a lot of energy, but when it comes to people and other dogs she loves them. I think the mix is great. She is about 45lbs which to me is a perfect size. She does need a firm hand because just like the Bulldog, she is very stubborn, and like the Dalmatian she has a lot of energy. She goes for about 2 bike rides a day. I think this breed would make a great family dog or for an active person that wants someone to bike or run with them."

  • Dalmatian x Australian Cattle Dog mix = Dalmatian Heeler
  • Dalmatian x Beagle mix = Beaglemation
  • Dalmatian x Border Collie mix = Bodacion
  • Dalmatian x Boxer mix = Boxmatian
  • Dalmatian x Bulldog mix = Bullmatian
  • Dalmatian x Bull Terrier mix = Bullmatian Terrier
  • Dalmatian x Chihuahua mix = Chimation
  • Dalmatian x Chinese Shar-Pei mix = Sharmatian
  • Dalmatian x English Springer Spaniel mix = Dalmatian Springer
  • Dalmatian x Golden Retriever mix = Goldmation
  • Dalmatian x Labrador Retriever mix = Dalmador
  • Dalmatian x Poodle mix = Dalmadoodle
  • Dalmatian x Pug mix = Pugmatian
  • Dalmatian x Rottweiler mix = Rottmatian
  • Dalmatian x Siberian Husky mix = Dalmatian Husky
Other Dalmatian Breed Names
  • Carriage Dog
  • Dal
  • Dalmatiner
  • Firehouse Dog
  • Leopard Carriage Dog
  • Plum Pudding Dog
  • Spotted Coach Dog