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List of Hovawart Mix Breed Dogs

A long coated, shepherd-looking black and tan dog with a long snout and black nose laying down

Adult Hovawart mix breed dog

Other Hovawart Breed Names
  • Hovie
A large breed black and tan dog with one blue eye and one brown eye, large stand up ears wearing a backpack sitting in the snow with a moutain behind her

"Natalena the Hovawart / Husky mix breed dog at 3 years old training in the Abruzzo Mountains of Italy. She has one blue eye and one brown eye. Her temperment is fantastic with children and most females, although working age men need to be checked first before she allows them to approach. This is probably due to the construction workers across from our home in Naples, Italy teasing her when she was a puppy. She's being trained for SAR, and seems to have a superb nose and high prey drive to match her independant thought! Like the saying goes, I don't train her, as much as work with her. Every morning is started with an off-leash romp, some training, and more play. Her interest in birds is exceptional, and she tends to look upwards a lot because of this. Very much the alpha, she does well with other dogs only after they accept her dominance, or after a quick slap with her teeth. Afterwards, it's all playtime."