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List of Irish Setter Mix Breed Dogs

Side view of a shorthaired red dog with ears that hang down to the sides and a long tail with fringe hair hanging from it with white on its chest standing on pavement.

"This is Rowdy. He is a 2 1/2 year old Irish Setter / English Pointer cross breed. He is a working Track-Trail / Air Scent search and rescue dog. He looks similar to the Tollers and simply the working Irish Setters."

Other Irish Setter Dog Breed Names
  • Irish Red Setter
  • Red Setter
  • sotar rua (Irish for Red Setter)
Front view of a dog with red fur and white on its chest wiht his pink tongue hanging out to the side standing on grass with its eyes squinted.

Rowdy the Irish Setter / English Pointer mix breed dog at 2 1/2 years old.—"Rowdy has a great balance. He is a great house puppy when we aren't working. As soon as he sees his orange harness and 30 foot lead, he's ready to get to work. He's very shy around new people, especially men, so socializing has been a regular exercise. It still takes a bit for him to get comfortable around new people. He gets adequate exercise a few times a week."