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Information and Pictures

A tell tan dog with white on his muzzle and between his eyes standing outside with the AKCC logo at the bottom right corner of the image

An adult Patti dog—Photo courtesy of the Anangu-Komba-Conservation Center, Tamil Nadu India

Other Names
  • Kidai Naai (Herding/Shepherding Dog in Tamil)
  • Kidhaari Naai (Cattle of Livestock Dog in Tamil)
  • Tamil Shepherd Dog (TSD)

Patt - Tea


The Patti dog, also known as the "Tamil Shepherd Dog" is one of the native breeds of the Tamil Civilization originating in the Tirunelveli district (Thirunelveli or Nellai) of Tamil Nadu state of INDIA and widespread to nearby districts like Tuticorin (Thoothukudi) and Ramanathapuram (Ramnad). Also they were migrated to various parts of the Tamil Nadu region for the purpose of herding/shepherding as the farming and agriculture were the main occupation during ancient times. Patti dogs are medium size “Sight as well as Scent” Hound Dog. This breed is taller (lesser compared to Komba dogs) and with good boned and deep brisket with "pricked or semi-pricked" ears. Medium sized head and skull with good projecting snout and highly robust. Patti are not only for herding cattle and shepherding and also a good at guarding against foxes and other wild animals to safe the herd and cattle. Patti dogs has very short coat and naturally has various colours and markings (shades and patterns). The basic colours are black, fawn, brindle, reddish brown (tan), saambal (grey/ash), white with various admirable markings.


The Patti is well known for their loyalty, intelligence and soft tempered to the respective owners. Good at differentiating positive and negative vibes.

Height, Weight

Height : Male – 25 to 27 Inches (63 cm to 68 cm). Female – 24 to 26 Inches (60 cm to 65 cm)

Weight: Male – 70 - 75 pounds (30 - 35 Kgs). Female – 60 - 65 pounds (27 - 30 Kgs)

Health Problems

The Patti Dog is highly adoptable to tropical and wide climatic conditions with good and stable immunity. As per natives vaccinations and medications are not a practice for this breed.

Living Conditions

Highly adaptable and do well in farmlands, good fenced large homes and houses. Not an apartment dog. Adorable and friendly with children.


Requires walking and running daily. Good Swimmer.

Life Expectancy

Average 15 years. With proper care may lead to 20 years.

Litter Size

About 6 to 10 healthy puppies


Patti Dogs are a highly self sustainable breed. Grooming and bathing is advised once in a week as the hair-shed is very minimal. Naturally has ability to maintain the healthy skin.


The origin of the Patti dog starts with the inception of the agriculture and related civilization dated back 10000 BC. Tirunelveli (Thirunelveli or Nellai) is the first region to start agriculture of paddy crops and other grains many thousand years back. Patti dogs are a "farmer's friend" since then as these breeds are part of life and survival. Based on the occupational usage of this breed,"Patti" has became a word used to call dogs in Malayalam language (derivative of Tamil language) in Kerala, an adjacent state of Tamil Nadu. Patti dogs are also known as the 'Tamil Shepherd Dog' which was termed as Kidhaari Naai or Kidai Naai by Tamil people. This breed was well documented by W. V. Soman (1963) in his book "The Indian Dog" under the chapter 'The Existing Indian Breeds of Dogs' and he made a clear comparison to German Shepherd Dog and Doberman Pinscher. Similar way Desmond Morris (2002) have mentioned same with pencil art of the Patti dog in his book 'The Dog' under the chapter 'Livestock Dogs'. Therefore Patti breed is an equivalent combination to German Shepherd Dog and Doberman Pinscher in terms of ability and traits which is one of the landrace of Tamil Nadu (others are Anangu, Komba, Kukkal. These breeds are lacking purity and AKCC has intended to revive and conserve this breed with the existing few pure-bred specimens.


Hound, Herding/Shepherding and Guarding.

  • AKCC - Anangu Komba Conservation Center