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Keeping Llamas as Pets

Information and Pictures

Close up Right Profile - A black with white Llamas face. It is looking to the right. There is a white van in the background.
Llamas standing side by side in a field in front of trees.
Left Profile - A brown with white Llamas face. Its ears are laying back. The Llama looks agitated. Close up - A brown with white Llama's face. The Llama has its ears back and it is looking forward. It looks mad.

When a llama puts its ears back it means it is agitated. It may start to make a clucking noise as if it is bringing up stomach acid. Take caution it does not spit on you. When a llama spits it can be so hard it may bruise the skin. Spitting is a llama’s defense mechanism. Most llamas will opt to run away from a person before they spit, however some will choose to spit on you.

Video clip of an agitated llama

A brown with white Llama is standing in grass and next to a tree. It is looking to the right. Front view - A brown with white Llama is trotting down a field. It is looking to the left. Head and neck shot - A brown Llama is looking through a gate to the left.