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The Legend of the rose of Sharon

A purple flower with a white barn behind it

The rose of Sharon is a perennial, resilient bush that grows flowers all summer long and into the fall. This easy to care for plant seeds abundantly. The symbolism of the flower represents strong life lines with good health.

This hardy plant will thrive even in poor soil, high heat, humid or dry conditions. Often surviving through drought and air pollution.

It grows in the form of a bush, but can be trained to grow into the shape of a tree with one main trunk or pruned into a hedge. The bush prefers full sun but can grow in partial shade.

It attracts hummingbirds and pollinators such as the valuable honey bee.

Scientific Name

Hibiscus syriacus







Other Names

Shrub Althea

Plant Varieties

Aphrodite (Hibiscus syriacus Aphrodite)

Blue Chiffon (Hibiscus syriacus Blue Chiffon)

Blue Satin (Hibiscus syriacus Blue Satin)

Blueberry Smoothie (Hibiscus syriacus Blueberry Smoothie)

Lavender Chiffon (Hibiscus syriacus Lavender Chiffon)

Lil Kim (Hibiscus syriacus Lil Kim)

Lucy (Hibiscus syriacus Lucy)

Minerva (Hibiscus syriacus Minerva)

Orchid Satin (Hibiscus syriacus Orchid Satin)

Purple Pillar (Hibiscus syriacus Purple Pillar)

Purple Satin (Hibiscus syriacus Purple Satin)

Red Heart (Hibiscus syriacus Red Heart)

Sugar Tip (Hibiscus syriacus Sugar Tip)

Sugar Tip Gold (Hibiscus syriacus Sugar Tip Gold)

White Chiffon (Hibiscus syriacus White Chiffon)


Flowering Bush


3 to 12 feet tall depending on the variety

Sun Exposure

Full, partial

Color Varieties

white, pink, lavender, purple, blue and red. Some of the prettiest rose of Sharon varieties are bicolored with darker throats with single or double forms.

Soil pH

Around 5.5 to 7.5

USDA Hardiness Zones

5–9 depending on the variety

Two white rose of Sharon flowers in front of a white barn

Legend has it that there was an erased Goddess of love under the alias of Sharon Rose, who this flower was symbolically named after, the rose of Sharon. Her real name was Aries, but we shall call her Sharon Rose as it is what she called herself during this time of war. Her soulmate, Rion, was the male God of Love. He said he saw her as his rose. The rose has become a symbol used in many graphics. Together they were considred one, something that was never to be separated. The Goddess of Love was kidnapped a few billion years ago, separating the male life and love God from the female, ending the possibility for eternal life and happieness for all mankind. The Gods instinctually brought themselves to an advanced awareness because people were raping raw love from the inside of the universe.

The couple were not simply Gods, but a force energy that made up the actual universe and the existence inside of it. When they touched it would create a supernatural phenomenon that powered all of existence. The love.

A lavender rose of Sharon flower

The love is the frequency of the universe that makes it possible to have positive emotions, good feelings and overall happiness. She is mother and he is father. They are the male and female of life. Her being the nucleus and him being the outer shield nuclear membrane. She is time and the existence of all knowledge. She was the mind behind the tree of life and the tree of knowledge. Love is power and there needs to be energy to run the existence of life and all that resides inside of it, living or dead, solid state or kinetic. A power source is needed to hold matter together. The kidnapping caused a great shift in the overall functionality of existence itself. Because of their separation and the loss of the shield around the inner core of life, disease and sicknesses emerged. Without the shield around the core, life was permanently weakened and there was simply not enough power to properly create life without chaos. Hence the depiction of a pending apocalypse, one of the many signs from the universe.

Every cell of her body contains a mini mind, similar to the amoeba, yet more advanced. She is the protomolecule who adapts and changes with her current situation. People when to great lengths to keep her prisoner and rape her power from her. Including scientificly structuring her into their DNA. Many Goddesses of the past recieved their power by this method, claiming their thrown. Harnessing Sharon Rose's power and resilience took training to master. The true Goddess of love never had an urge to claim any type of hierarchy. Ranking is not important to true love energy. This power grab practice was not just isolated to women, but men alike, from both the human and alien species.

If you pay attention to the stories around you, you will find the signs of the universe being told for centuries. The clues are all around us.

The theory is depicted in thousands of movies, TV shows, books, music and video games. From mankind racing to stop an appending apocalypse, finding eternal life, reaching a disease free existence, harnessing the power within one's own DNA, DNA structuring, mind control, seeking magic of all kinds, cloning, cloaking, finding clues to missing artefacts, solving mathamatical codes, missing links, time travel, black holes, portals, parallel universes, multiverses, alternate dimensions, UFOs, alien races, creating new races, bionic powers, the supernatural, superhumans, creation of new species, wishing well, fountain of youth, good vs. evil, dealing with alien species, Si-Fi, advanced technology, folklore to old fairy tale stories and much more.

The female woke up in the clutches of mankind who were seeking a utopia style life, further setting the fate of existence itself. Imagine how valuable a woman like that would be? Hence her captures taking extreme measures to keep her and to prevent her soulmate from finding her.

Him being Father Time and her being time itself, they would never give up on one another no matter how long it took.

Rion and Sharon Rose possessed the highest magnetic soulmate attraction that could ever exist. Every fiber of her being runs off of pure instinct to the highest degree possible. She has very creaturistic tendencies. Her will cannot be broken. She has no self control when it comes to things that touch her heart. He is her control and the only one who can instinctually calm her down. Sharon Rose is the love itself and Rion is her shield. He being her soulmate, would dedicate his life to her safe return. He would never stop trying to rescue her at all costs. He cloned himself to a massive degree and set out to find her. Without her the universe was weak, but that was not going to stop him from trying.

Sharon Rose was cloned and her soul was sold as the people allied up in an attempt to keep her captive.

Together their clones would instinctually meet over and over. They bored children together, but she was never able to raise them before getting her mind overtaken. They were both shot down by those wishing to keep her captive for their own greed, using their own power against them. It was feared that if they met up too long, he would regain his power and possibly successfully rescue her. Their meetings extended life and the appending apocalypse, but life was still running on battery power.

Her captures called her 'the realm' because her mind was a portal to all existence and the power and the knowledge inside of it. For a short time she was Aphrodite and the mother of dragons, but her mind was soon overpowered by a woman who had a spike daggered through her heart who then pretended to be her and another woman who had her soul captive. She endured military style torture as governments monitored and harnessed her resilience for their armies. She was the secret behind the clone wars and the reason for many of the conflicts between alien races.

When torcher would not break her will, her captures kidnapped Rion and tortured him, making her watch.

A Dire Wolf howling at the moon next to a Goddess he is trying to rescue

When torchering Rion would not break her will, they kidnapped her children and torchered them along with various animals as she helplessly watched. Including her two spirit animals, dire wolves named Snow and Lora and her spirit animal, a chimp named Munka.

Aries riding on the back of her Dire Wolf

Because life never wants to die. She would never give up. Chemicals were created to keep her weak and a dagger was spiked through her heart and other extremities in many different hidden clones in an attempt to keep her under control. Including but not limited to trapping some of her clones in a matrix of burning enturnal torture. In one timeline she was stripped of all of her senses in an attempt to harness even more power. It is said that Sharon Rose believed that seperating the love from her one and only soulmate was more torturous than internally burning at the stake.

There was a time and still is, when everyone was actively trying to insert existence directly into their being, instead of allowing existance to live free with her universe in order to produce what the people were seeking independently. What the people would have to have given up was the idea of hierarchy and individual power. In return the people received neither good health or eternal life. Not only is the science not compatible with the long term goal, but the Goddess herself, being pure instinct, would have nothing but her own soulmate and would eventually fight to the death trying to get back to him. Hence the repeated apocalypses as bits and pieces of her traveled through time trying to keep existence itself from permanently imploding upon itself. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, the appending vacuum of black space that would have been left would be permanent to all that could possibly exist with no turning back and nothing to ever return. No amount of power and status could possibly be worth this result.

A pink rose of Sharon flower

You can see the actual phenomenon depicted in many graphics shown on TV where something once solid crumbles into smaller particles.

The solution would have been to simply return the valuable Goddess to her eternal, twin flame soulmate so the universe could properly function.

The moral of the story is, you can’t reach a utopia style life by torturing exsistance and life itself.

Written by Sharon Rose© Dog Breed Info Center® All Rights Reserved