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Sealyham Terrier Pictures

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The right side of a dirty white Sealyham Terrier dog that is sitting on its hindlegs in a bigging pose flat on its butt on a hardwood floor. It is looking up and to the right.

Jonah the Sealyham Terrier—"This was his best trick. He could sit like this for 10 minutes or more, because food is a Sealy's number one master! Jonah was a great pet. He was incredibly loyal, a good watchdog, and very gentle, with kids, the cat, and even the guinea pigs. He got lots of attention everywhere we went."

The left side of a dirty, low to the ground, white Sealyham Terrier that is standing in snow with a tennis ball in its mouth.

"This is Jonah in the snow, holding one of his favorite toys, a tennis ball."

Front view - A short-legged, white Sealyham Terrier dog standing outside in snow sniffing the ground. It has longer hair down its stop, on its muzzle and on its legs.

Jimnic Chamonix aka Smilla the Sealyham Terrier at about 1 year old

The left side of a white Sealyham Terrier dog sitting on a piano chair with its front paws on the keyboard. There is a pink plush pig toy on the piano between the dogs paws.

Pilot the Sealyham Terrier at the piano

A short legged, white Sealyham Terrier is sitting on its hind legs in a begging pose on top of a rug, it is looking up, its mouth is open and there is a page of sheet music to the right of it.

Pilot the Sealyham Terrier with his sheet music