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White English Bulldog

Information and Pictures

Side view of a large breed thick white bully looking dog with a very small docked bob tail, a thick head, small rose ears and a black nose facing the right in a field of grass.

Adult White English Bulldog, photo courtesy of The White English Bulldog Preservation Society


wahyt ING-glish BUHL-dawg


The White English Bulldog (WEB) is a moderate-sized, agile-bodied dog standing on moderate but powerful legs of average bone. The neck should be solid; shoulders should be well muscled and well defined. Elbows should be in line with the dog's shoulders and feet. The musculature is not extreme or bulging as to allow for agility, quickness and endurance. The coat is coarse with slight feathering on backs of hind legs. Coat colors include white, with or without patches of color, shades of red brown, all shades of brindle; never covering more than 25% of body. Black-only pigmentation and spotting is found on the skin, around the eyes, on the nose and lips and the genitalia. The head is square with noticeable or moderate stop. Supra-orbital arches pronounced with a center crease between the eyes to the back of the head. Muzzle square and broad, half brick 2 1/2" to 3 1/2". Bite: Scissor, reverse scissor to 1" under at most. The ears are rolled or flapped. The eyes can be any shade of brown, amber okay; blue is considered a fault in the breed. The feet are round and compact with noticeable webbing between toes. When the tail is not docked, it is thick at the base and feathered at the end.


The White English Bulldog is a family and livestock protection dog. It is a controller and retriever of the roughest livestock, even in wetlands. It suffices as an all-around hunter from treeing squirrels to bears. A very old and extremely rare breed in its true form, the WEB is a medium to large dog bred as an all-around farm and stock dog, specifically for protection of such. It is loyal and fiercely protective of its master, the master's family, property, livestock and especially the children. As with all dogs, be sure you are this dog's true pack leader, and it will be submissive to its handlers. The WEB is not bred to be a hunting dog, though it suffices adequately.

Height, Weight

Height: Females 20 - 24 inches (51 - 70 cm) Males 21 - 25 inches (53 - 63 cm)
Weight: Females: 55 - 85 pounds (25 - 39 kg) Males 65 - 110 pounds (29.5 - 50 kg)

Health Problems

Health problems are very few when bred properly and true to the breed’s origins and uses.

Living Conditions

Living conditions are described as those for a farm dog: large, open areas with free run. Most do not do well in kennels or indoors. These dogs need to work and perform their duties. Failure to allow them to do so can result in destructive behavior and/or a failure to thrive that could very easily lead to the death of the dog.


Needs a job to do. If the dog is in between jobs, for example, between hunting seasons, it needs to be taken for at least a long daily walk.

Life Expectancy

About 10-16 years

Litter Size

About 5 to 8 puppies


Little grooming is needed.


Origin is southern Georgia and northern Florida during the 16th and 17th centuries.



  • ACA = American Canine Association Inc.
  • BBC = Backwwods Bulldog Club
  • DRA = Dog Registry of America, Inc.
  • WEBPS = The White English Bulldog Preservation Society
The back right side of a White English Bulldog that has a toddler sized boy in an orange shirt leaning against its back. The dog has a thick black leather collar with spikes on it.

"Jack the White English Bulldog and his little buddy, Nicholas—Jack is a working farm dog whose duties include guarding the property, the family, the livestock, separating and moving both cattle and swine, and holding them when needed. When not working the stock, he is full-time guard dog and playmate. Jack works alongside his dam in his duties."

Three White English Bulldogs are standing behind a chain link fence on a farm across a herd of goats. Two of the white dogs have black patches on their faces and one has a brown patch.

"Lane's Otis, Mary and Diamond watching over the goats—the WEB works as a team to perform its tasks, yet is quite capable of working alone."

The left side of three White English Bulldogs that are standing in dirt across from a toddler and a lady in a purple shirt outside in a chain link fenced yard under the shade of trees.

"Adult male and two adult female WEBs, one of which is a nursing mother, stand back to allow their master to enter the puppy pen—they have simply been told to stay back and do not require being held back by force. Notice the mother dog is watching her master for further instruction."

The back left side of a White English Bulldog that is sniffing a hog through a gate. You can see the dark pigment spots under its white thin coat.

"Lane's Patchee checking on the hog—notice she is not showing aggression or any sign of prey drive toward the hog. She is greeting it."

Three White English Bulldogs are bunched up near each other in front of a fence. There is a brick house in the background.

"Two adult males and one adult female WEB work together to make the rounds around the property in their guarding duties."