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Whelping and Raising Puppies

Week 8 to 12: Letting go

A wrinkly black and brown Bloodhound puppy is laying across the legs of a crying blonde-haired girl in the back of a vehicle.

Emily's last moments with Blue, MistyTrails Bloodhounds.

Close up - A sad looking girl in a fuzzy blue hat and a big blue jacket is holding a black with gray Havanese puppy that is wrapped in a towel.A girl in a fuzzy hat and a blue jacket is sitting in the back of a vehicle and she is holding a black with gray Havanese puppy as she crys.Close up - A crying girl in all blue is holding a black with gray Havanese puppy.

The hard part of breeding is letting them go.... Novia is off to her new home. Thankfully we get to know about our new puppy owners, and she will live a wonderful life.

A car is being driven on the back of a ferry and there is a person to the left of the car.The ramp of a ferry with a car pulled onto the end of it.

The snow made the Malahat Summit a dangerous trip over the mountain for children and puppies, so we took the safer alternate route, the ferry.

A blonde-haired girl holding a little puppy and a small boy are sitting on the passenger seat of a car and there is a body of water and a snow covered mountain in the background.

This way it was fun, with no snowy mountains to trek.

The left side of a private plane on a runway that has a small amount of snow all over it. There is a person walking away from the plane.

We are off to the airport to meet the new owners and a private plane.

A smiling man is holding a black with gray puppy in his arms and to the right of him is a smiling boy in a red coat.

Novia with her new family

A girl is holding a black with gray puppy in her arms and a boy is hugging her.

Moca's Novia arrives at her home to meet the rest of the family. She has settled in very nicely.... I think they are going to keep her for sure...

A lady in a red long sleeve shirt is holding a tan with white Havanese puppy against her body and next to her is a guy wearing a black leather jacket.

Moxie meets her new owners who are VERY excited to take her to her new home!

A blonde-haired lady is taking a puppy out of a crate. A man in a black leather coat is standing behind her.
A lady, A man and a boy are standing in a room holding a little puppy in their arms.

Annie's new family

A man in a gray hat is holding a white with tan Havanese puppy and riding a John Deere tractor.

Annie will be a therapy dog, and now lives at a Lutheran church children's camp. This picture shows Thom and Annie out working around camp on the tractor.

Courtesy of MistyTrails Havanese

Whelping: Close-to-Textbook Case