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Wild Animals (Not commonly kept as pets)


The right side of a brown Agoutis that is sitting on grass

Agoutis are medium-sized brown rodents that are related to the guinea pig. They can be found in South America and other warm tropical climates. This agouti was spotted in Mexico. Full grown, they can reach up to 26 inches long and about 10 pounds in weight. Like guinea pigs, agoutis have small round ears and very short tails, however unlike the guinea pig, their legs are elongated. They eat fruit, nuts, and plants. When food is plentiful, they carefully bury seeds to dig up later. They live longer than most rodents, about 20 years. They are active during the day, sleeping at night.

This rodent is not dangerous. They are shy towards humans and will freeze if they sense danger, hoping they will not be seen. If they are seen they will give an alarm call and run off in a zig-zag pattern. When they run they look like they are galloping because they run in a rapid springing motion.


During mating season, the male agouti squirts urine onto the female to attract her. If the female accepts the mating offer, she will perform a dance for him. Females are pregnant for about 112 days and have about 1-4 young a year. The young are born covered with fur and can eat about an hour after they are born.

The left side of a brown Agoutis that is walking across a field> It has a long body, kangaroo looking back legs, short front legs, small ears, dark eyes and a face that looks like a rat.