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Wild Animals

Fun Facts!

Both the mother and father ostriches sit on their eggs to keep them warm.

The grizzly, Mexican brown bear and Kodiak Bear are the same species. They are North American subspecies of the brown bear.

Armadillos live in burrows.

Lions spend most of their day sleeping.

Wild lions can be found in both Africa and India.

Tigers are found in Asia.

Carnivores are animals that eat other animals.

Snow leopards live in the Himalayas.

The komodo dragon is the largest lizard of its kind, reaching up to 10 feet and 300 pounds.

The diet of a great white shark consists of primarily marine mammals.

The blue whale is the largest animal that ever lived. It's tongue is the size of an elephant.

The sperm whale is the deepest diving mammal. It can go more than 3,000 feet below the surface.

Dolphins and porpoises are small whales.

Whale sharks are the largest sharks in the world.

Whales are mammals, sharks are fish.

Another name for a killer whale is orca.

A baby sea lion is called a pup.

A group of whales is called a pod.

The bullfrog can jump up to 6 feet.

Baby crocodiles hatch from eggs.

Hawks and owls are both known as raptors.

China is the only country where giant pandas still live in the wild.

A group of bears is called a sloth.

A nine-banded armadillo is a unique mammal that always gives birth to quadruplets, 4 identical twins.

A cuttlefish has the ability to change colors in an instant in order to blend with its background.

The platypus is one of the few egg-laying mammals.

Male deer have antlers, which are used to attract a female mate and for defense.

The only female deer to have antlers are reindeer.

The falcon can dive through the air at speeds of over 200 miles per hour!

The color of a lion helps it blend in with the land around it.

Jellyfish and earthworms are invertebrates, which means they do not have backbones.

The octopus has 8 arms, while the squid has 10 arms.

The chameleon reptile can move one eye while keeping the other eye still.

A giant anteater can eat over 30,000 ants in one day.

A rodent's teeth grow continuously throughout its life.

The mudskipper is a fish that can live and breathe on land.

Sea lions eat fish.

Opossums, kangaroos, wombats, and bandicoots are all marsupials.

Marsupials carry their babies in their pouches.

Bats are mammals.

A herpetologist studies reptiles and amphibians.

A frugivore is an animal, such as a chimpanzee or fruit bat, that feeds primarily on fruit.

A herbivore is an animal that feeds chiefly on plants.