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My Apartment Puppy—On the Trails

A small fluffy Shih Tzu Poodle mix nose to nose with a red colored Shiba Inu dog

Living in an apartment means we do not have a yard so getting out and about is even more important. We hit the parks to find some doggie friends and get some good old socializing. Zippy meets a Shiba Inu.

A little poodle mix puppy wearing a pink sweater next to a large breed tan hound dog who is wearing a coat

She says hello to a hound dog mix. Zip seems to have a special attraction to the larger dogs.

A little ShihPoo puppy smelling a fluffy black Pomeranian with a fluffy chocolate Pom next to them

Zippy meegs two well groomed Pomeranians.

A little white and black puppy nose to nose with a red and white Corgi and a brown Pomeranian and a hound dog next to them

It's like a sidewalk dog social, a Pomeranian, a Corgi and a Hound mix all say hello to her.

A little longhaired white and black puppy wearing a pink sweater smelling the face of a fawn and white patterned dog

She also meets what looks like a Cavalier / Beagle mix.

A small toy sized puppy walking away from a ex-large black dog

While Zippy shows an extra happy interest in large breed dogs this huge bear-like Newfoundland was intimidating to her. She didn’t know what to do.

A little fluffy black and white puppy wrapped around the legs of a man in jeans with a huge black dog looking down at her

She accidentally wrapped herself around the dogs owner.

An extra large breed black dog walking away from a small and medium sized dog on a trail next to a chain link fence

As the Newfoundland walks away Ellie the Rat Terrier mix comes to say hello.

A black and white border collie looking up at her owner as a small fluffy white and black puppy watches

Zippy is very interested in Jazzy the Border Collie, but Jazzy is more interested in her tennis ball and her game of fetch.